1915 World Series
Team / Wins Manager Season
Boston Red Sox (4) Bill Carrigan 101–50, .669, GA: 2½
Philadelphia Phillies (1) Pat Moran 90–62, .592, GA: 7
Dates: October 8October 13
Umpires: Bill Klem (NL), Silk O'Loughlin (AL), Cy Rigler (NL), Billy Evans (NL)
Future Hall of Famers: Red Sox: Harry Hooper, Herb Pennock (dnp), Babe Ruth, Tris Speaker. Phillies: Grover Cleveland Alexander, Dave Bancroft, Eppa Rixey.
World Series
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In the 1915 World Series, the Boston Red Sox beat the Philadelphia Phillies four games to one.

In their only World Series before 1950, the Phillies won Game 1 before being swept the rest of the way. It was 65 years before the Phillies won their next Series game. The Red Sox pitching was so strong in the 1915 series that the young Babe Ruth was not used on the mound and only made a single pinch-hitting appearance in the first game against Grover Cleveland Alexander, as Babe Ruth appeared in the first of 10 World Series, 3 with the Red Sox.

In Game 2, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson was in attendance, making it the first time that a President watched a World Series game live.

This was the second straight year that a Boston team beat a Philadelphia team in the World Series: the [[Boston Braves Braves had swept the [[Philadelphia AthleticsAthletics the year before.

This was one instance where each home field was very much an advantage, at least in some circumstances. Fenway Park had been open for four seasons and was fully functional in 1915, but the Red Sox "home" games were played at the brand-new Braves Field, to take advantage of its larger seating capacity. Beyond the added revenue, the long ball was affected:

  • In the third inning of Game 3 at Boston, with two out, one run in, and two runners in scoring position, Gavvy Cravath drove a pitch deep to left field, which was caught for a harmless inning-ending out in the spacious Braves Field outfield. If the game had occurred in Fenway, or in Philadelphia's Baker Bowl, it might have been a home run or an extra-base hit, and might have turned the Series around.
  • The Phillies had packed some extra outfield seats into their already-small ballfield. The effect was most noticeable in the decisive Game 5, in which Boston's Harry Hooper twice homered over the close-in center field fence, and Duffy Lewis followed suit. In Braves Field, those would have been extra-base hits at best. Both of Hooper's hits, including the eventual game-winner in the top of the ninth, actually bounced over the fence, and were home runs under the rules of the day. Hooper was the first player to hit 2 home runs in one World Series Game. They would be ground rule doubles today. Hooper hit only 2 American League home runs during ehr regular season.

Fred Luderus hit the only home run by the Phillies. Since the Phillies failed to hit a home run in the 1950 World Series, it marked their only Woerld Series home run until the 1980 World Series.


AL Boston Red Sox (4) vs. NL Philadelphia Phillies (1)

1Boston Red Sox – 1, Philadelphia Phillies – 3October 8Baker Bowl19,343[1]
2Boston Red Sox – 2, Philadelphia Phillies – 1October 9Baker Bowl20,306[2]
3Philadelphia Phillies – 1, Boston Red Sox – 2October 11Braves Field42,300[3]
4Philadelphia Phillies – 1, Boston Red Sox – 2October 12Braves Field41,096[4]
5Boston Red Sox – 5, Philadelphia Phillies – 4October 13Baker Bowl20,306[5]


Game 1Edit

File:Ernie Shore-Grover Cleveland Alexander.jpg

Friday, October 8, 1915 at Baker Bowl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Team 123456789RHE
Boston 000000010 1 81
Philadelphia 00010002X 3 51
WP: Grover Cleveland Alexander (1–0)  LP: Ernie Shore (0–1)  

Game 2Edit

Saturday, October 9, 1915 at Baker Bowl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Team 123456789RHE
Boston 100000001 2 100
Philadelphia 000010000 1 31
WP: Rube Foster (1–0)  LP: Erskine Mayer (0–1)  

Game 3Edit

Monday, October 11, 1915 at Braves Field in Boston, Massachusetts

Team 123456789RHE
Philadelphia 001000000 1 30
Boston 000100001 2 61
WP: Dutch Leonard (1–0)  LP: Grover Cleveland Alexander (1–1)  

Game 4Edit

Tuesday, October 12, 1915 at Braves Field in Boston, Massachusetts

Team 123456789RHE
Philadelphia 000000010 1 70
Boston 00100100X 2 81
WP: Ernie Shore (1–1)  LP: George Chalmers (0–1)  

Game 5Edit

Wednesday, October 13, 1915 at Baker Bowl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Team 123456789RHE
Boston 011000021 5 101
Philadelphia 200200000 4 91
WP: Rube Foster (2–0)  LP: Eppa Rixey (0–1)  
HRs:  BOS – Harry Hooper 2 (2), Duffy Lewis (1)  PHI – Fred Luderus (1)

Composite boxEdit

1915 World Series (4–1): Boston Red Sox (A.L.) over Philadelphia Phillies (N.L.)

Team 123456789RHE
Boston Red Sox 112101033 12 424
Philadelphia Phillies 201310030 10 273

<tr><td style="text-align:left;" colspan="13">Total attendance: 143,351   Average attendance: 28,670</td></tr> <tr><td style="text-align:left;" colspan="13">Winning player’s share: $3,780   Losing player’s share: $2,520[6]</td></tr>



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