1916 World Series
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Team / Wins Manager Season
Boston Red Sox (4) Bill Carrigan 91–63, .591, GA: 2
Brooklyn Robins (1) Wilbert Robinson 94–60, .610, GA: 2½
Dates: October 7October 12
Umpires: Tommy Connolly (AL), Hank O'Day (NL), Bill Dinneen (AL), Ernie Quigley (NL)
Future Hall of Famers: Red Sox: Harry Hooper, Herb Pennock (dnp), Babe Ruth. Robins: Wilbert Robinson (mgr.), Rube Marquard, Casey Stengel‡, Zack Wheat.
‡ elected as a manager.
World Series
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In the 1916 World Series, the Boston Red Sox beat the Brooklyn Robins (a.k.a. Dodgers) four games to one.

Casey Stengel shined on offense for the Robins in the 1916 Series but the Red Sox pitching core ultimately proved too much for the denizens of Flatbush. The Sox's Babe Ruth pitched thirteen shutout innings in Game 2, starting a consecutive scoreless innings streak that would reach 29 in 1918. As with the 1915 Series, the Red Sox played their home games at the larger Braves Field, and it paid off as they drew a then-record 42,620 people for the final game.

Brooklyn fielded some strong teams under their manager and namesake Wilbert Robinson in the late 1910s. The Robins, also interchangeably called the Dodgers, would win the pennant again in 1920, but the American League teams were generally stronger during that interval. It would be 39 years before the Dodgers would win their first World Series title in 1955. The series had the longest game in World Series History until Game 3 of the 2005 World Series.


AL Boston Red Sox (4) vs. NL Brooklyn Robins (1)

1Brooklyn Robins – 5, Boston Red Sox – 6October 7Braves Field36,117[1]
2Brooklyn Robins – 1, Boston Red Sox – 2 (14 innings)October 9Braves Field47,373[2]
3Boston Red Sox – 3, Brooklyn Robins – 4October 10Ebbets Field21,087[3]
4Boston Red Sox – 6, Brooklyn Robins – 2October 11Ebbets Field21,662[4]
5Brooklyn Robins – 1, Boston Red Sox – 4October 12Braves Field43,620[5]


Game 1Edit

Saturday, October 7, 1916 at Braves Field in Boston, Massachusetts

Team 123456789RHE
Brooklyn 000100004 5 104
Boston 00101031X 6 81
WP: Ernie Shore (1–0)  LP: Rube Marquard (0–1)  SV: Carl Mays (1)  

Game 2Edit

Monday, October 9, 1916 at Braves Field in Boston, Massachusetts

Team 1234567891011121314RHE
Brooklyn 10000000000000 1 62
Boston 00100000000001 2 71
WP: Babe Ruth (1–0)  LP: Sherry Smith (0–1)  
HRs:  BRO – Hy Myers (1)

Game 3Edit

Tuesday, October 10, 1916 at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York

Team 123456789RHE
Boston 000002100 3 71
Brooklyn 00112000X 4 100
WP: Jack Coombs (1–0)  LP: Carl Mays (0–1)  SV: Jeff Pfeffer (1)  
HRs:  BOS – Larry Gardner (1)

Game 4Edit

Wednesday, October 11, 1916 at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York

Team 123456789RHE
Boston 030110100 6 101
Brooklyn 200000000 2 54
WP: Dutch Leonard (1–0)  LP: Rube Marquard (0–2)  
HRs:  BOS – Larry Gardner (2)

Game 5Edit

Thursday, October 12, 1916 at Braves Field in Boston, Massachusetts

Team 123456789RHE
Brooklyn 010000000 1 33
Boston 01201000X 4 72
WP: Ernie Shore (2–0)  LP: Jeff Pfeffer (0–1)  

Composite boxEdit

1916 World Series (4–1): Boston Red Sox (A.L.) over Brooklyn Robins (N.L.)

Team 1234567891011121314RHE
Boston Red Sox 04413251000001 21 396
Brooklyn Robins 31122000400000 13 3413

<tr><td style="text-align:left;" colspan="18">Total attendance: 169,859   Average attendance: 33,972</td></tr> <tr><td style="text-align:left;" colspan="18">Winning player’s share: $3,910   Losing player’s share: $2,835[6]</td></tr>



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