1921 World Series
Team / Wins Manager Season
New York Giants (5) John McGraw 94–59, .614, GA: 4
New York Yankees (3) Miller Huggins 98–55, .641, GA: 4½
Dates: October 5October 13
Radio network: KDKA coverage was live, direct, and exclusive from the Polo Grounds. The Series was broadcast over radio stations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Newark, New Jersey, and East Springfield, Massachusetts. WBZ and WJZ coverage was relayed to Newark, New Jersey.
Radio announcers: KDKA: Grantland Rice.
WBZ and WABC: re-created by Tommy Cowan.
Umpires: Cy Rigler (NL), George Moriarty (AL), Ernie Quigley (NL), Ollie Chill (AL)
Future Hall of Famers: Giants: John McGraw (mgr.), Dave Bancroft, Frankie Frisch, George Kelly, Ross Youngs. Yankees: Miller Huggins (mgr.), Frank Baker, Babe Ruth.
World Series
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In the 1921 World Series, the New York Giants beat the New York Yankees five games to three. This was the last of the experimental best-five-of-nine series. his was the only Series prior to the 1955 World Series (Brooklyn Dodgers over New York Yankees) where a team losing the first 2 games went on to win the Series

The Series was much-anticipated, as it featured John McGraw's Giants, who were dedicated practitioners of the dead-ball era's "inside game"; and the Yankees, who relied on the "power game" exemplified by their star player, Babe Ruth, who was coming off a sensational year, arguably his best ever statistically. This was Ruth's 1sst World Series as a starting outfielder. (He played 2 innings there in the 1918 World Series when he was used as a starting pitcher for the Red Sox. Injuries suffered during the Series would limit his effectiveness significantly. However, this Series marks the start of the Yankees dynasty, as it was the first of 39 American League pennants as of the 2008 season.

Despite Ruth's limited action, the Series was a closely-contested matchup. The Series ended on a double play featuring a baserunning miscue. Because of an infected arm and a bad knee (he wrenched it in the fifth game), Babe Ruth did not start the final game but did appear in the bottom of the ninth pinch hitting for Wally Pipp.

For the first time in World Series play, all games were held at one site: the Polo Grounds in New York, with the home team alternating. The Yankees sub-leased the Polo Grounds from the New York Giants from 1913 through 1922.

The Series was the first to be broadcast on radio. Announcer Thomas Cowan recreated the game over Westinghouse-owned WJZ in Newark, listening to phoned-in reports from the stadium. ( is wrong in attributing this first broadcast to sportswriter Grantland Rice—Rice announced the 1922 World Series over WJZ the following year.) [1]

Following the Series, Ruth and Bob Meusel participated in some post-season barnstorming, which was then against the rules for Series participants. Both were suspended for the start of the 1922 season, but Ruth made a personal appeal to Commissioner Landis. He upheld their suspensions, but agreed to rescind the rule effective with the end of the 1922 season.

One of the highlights of the Series was the relief pitching of New York Giant pitcher Jesse Barnes, who was the first pitcher to 2 games in relief in one Series.He struck out 10 men in relief in Game 6, the record until Moe Drabowsky of Baltimore sturck out 11 Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 1 of 1966 World Series.


NL New York Giants (5) vs. AL New York Yankees (3)

1New York Yankees – 3, New York Giants – 0October 5Polo Grounds (IV)30,203[2]
2New York Giants – 0, New York Yankees – 3October 6Polo Grounds (IV)34,939[3]
3New York Yankees – 5, New York Giants – 13October 7Polo Grounds (IV)36,509[4]
4New York Giants – 4, New York Yankees – 2October 9Polo Grounds (IV)36,372[5]
5New York Yankees – 3, New York Giants – 1October 10Polo Grounds (IV)35,758[6]
6New York Giants – 8, New York Yankees – 5October 11Polo Grounds (IV)34,283[7]
7New York Yankees – 1, New York Giants – 2October 12Polo Grounds (IV)36,503[8]
8New York Giants – 1, New York Yankees – 0October 13Polo Grounds (IV)25,410[9]


Game 1Edit

Wednesday, October 5, 1921 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (AL) 100011000 3 70
New York (NL) 000000000 0 50
WP: Carl Mays (1–0)  LP: Phil Douglas (0–1)  

Game 2Edit

Thursday, October 6, 1921 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (NL) 000000000 0 22
New York (AL) 00010002X 3 30
WP: Waite Hoyt (1–0)  LP: Art Nehf (0–1)  

Game 3Edit

Friday, October 7, 1921 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (AL) 004000010 5 80
New York (NL) 00400081X 13 200
WP: Jesse Barnes (1–0)  LP: Jack Quinn (0–1)  

Game 4Edit

Sunday, October 9, 1921 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (NL) 000000031 4 91
New York (AL) 000010001 2 71
WP: Phil Douglas (1–1)  LP: Carl Mays (1–1)  
HRs:  NYY – Babe Ruth (1)

Game 5Edit

Monday, October 10, 1921 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (AL) 001200000 3 61
New York (NL) 100000000 1 101
WP: Waite Hoyt (2–0)  LP: Art Nehf (0–2)  

Game 6Edit

Tuesday, October 11, 1921 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (NL) 030401000 8 130
New York (AL) 320000000 5 72
WP: Jesse Barnes (2–0)  LP: Bob Shawkey (0–1)  
HRs:  NYG – Irish Meusel (1), Frank Snyder (1)  NYY – Chick Fewster (1)

Game 7Edit

Wednesday, October 12, 1921 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (AL) 010000000 1 81
New York (NL) 00010010X 2 60
WP: Phil Douglas (2–1)  LP: Carl Mays (1–2)  

Game 8Edit

Thursday, October 13, 1921 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (NL) 100000000 1 60
New York (AL) 000000000 0 41
WP: Art Nehf (1–2)  LP: Waite Hoyt (2–1)  

Composite boxEdit

1921 World Series (5–3): New York Giants (N.L.) over New York Yankees (A.L.)

Team 123456789RHE
New York Giants 234501941 29 714
New York Yankees 435321031 22 506

<tr><td style="text-align:left;" colspan="13">Total attendance: 269,977   Average attendance: 33,747</td></tr> <tr><td style="text-align:left;" colspan="13">Winning player’s share: $5,265   Losing player’s share: $3,510[10]</td></tr>



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