1923 World Series
Team / Wins Manager Season
New York Yankees (4) Miller Huggins 98–54, .645, GA: 16
New York Giants (2) John McGraw 95–58, .621, GA: 4½
Dates: October 10October 15
Radio network: Westinghouse
Radio announcers: W. O. McGeehan (Games 1–3), Graham McNamee (Games 3–6)
Umpires: Billy Evans (AL), Hank O'Day (NL), Dick Nallin (AL), Bob Hart (NL)
Future Hall of Famers: Yankees: Miller Huggins (mgr.), Lou Gehrig (dnp), Waite Hoyt, Herb Pennock, Babe Ruth. Giants: John McGraw (mgr.), Dave Bancroft, Frankie Frisch, Travis Jackson, George Kelly, Casey Stengel‡, Bill Terry (dnp), Hack Wilson (dnp), Ross Youngs.
‡ elected as a manager.
World Series
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In the 1923 World Series, the New York Yankees beat the New York Giants in six games. This would be the first of the Yankees' 27 World Series championships (as of 2015). The home field alternated each game, a noted difference to the 2–3–2 format.

The Yankees opened their new Yankee Stadium in April on a home run by Babe Ruth, setting the tone for the season and this Series, in which Ruth hit three home runs along with drawing eight walks. In Game 2, second baseman, Aaron Ward hit a home run. The Giants' one bright spot was "Old Casey" Stengel, who hit game-winning homers in each of the two Giants' victories. In typically eccentric Stengel fashion, one of them was inside-the-park at the cavernous Yankee Stadium, and his shoe came loose during his run around the bases. Stengel was traded after the season, leading him to quip later in life, "It's a good thing I didn't hit three homers in three games, or McGraw would have traded me to the Three-I League!". A quarter century later, Stengel would take on the role of Yankees manager, and would guide the Bronx Bombers through one of their most successful eras.

In Game 6, The Yankees overcame the 4–1 deficit by staging a five-run rally in the eighth inning to clinch the series.

The three consecutive matchups between the Yankees and Giants (1921–1923) marked the only time (as of 2008), that three straight World Series featured the same two clubs.

Thanks to the large seating capacity of the new Yankee Stadium, coupled with expansion of the Polo Grounds the same year, the 1923 Series was the first to eclipse 300,000 in total attendance (301,430), averaging over 50,000 per game (50,238), with gate receipts over $1 million dollars ($1,063,815.00).

This was the third time that a team had inaugurated a new stadium with a World Series win, and would be the last until the St. Louis Cardinals victory in their new ballpark in 2006.

Neither Lou Gehrig, Bill Terry nor Hack Wilson played in the Series. These future Hall of Famers were each in their first season and had played no more than thirteen games in the regular season.


AL New York Yankees (4) vs. NL New York Giants (2)

1New York Giants – 5, New York Yankees – 4October 10Yankee Stadium55,307[1]
2New York Yankees – 4, New York Giants – 2October 11Polo Grounds (IV)40,402[2]
3New York Giants – 1, New York Yankees – 0October 12Yankee Stadium62,430[3]
4New York Yankees – 8, New York Giants – 4October 13Polo Grounds (IV)46,302[4]
5New York Giants – 1, New York Yankees – 8October 14Yankee Stadium62,817[5]
6New York Yankees – 6, New York Giants – 4October 15Polo Grounds (IV)34,172[6][7]


Game 1Edit

Wednesday, October 10, 1923 at Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (NL) 004000001 5 80
New York (AL) 120000100 4 121
WP: Rosy Ryan (1–0)  LP: Bullet Joe Bush (0–1)  
HRs:  NYG – Casey Stengel (1)

Game 2Edit

Thursday, October 11, 1923 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (AL) 010210000 4 100
New York (NL) 010001000 2 92
WP: Herb Pennock (1–0)  LP: Hugh McQuillan (0–1)  
HRs:  NYY – Aaron Ward (1), Babe Ruth 2 (2)  NYG – Irish Meusel (1)

Game 3Edit

Friday, October 12, 1923 at Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (NL) 000000100 1 40
New York (AL) 000000000 0 61
WP: Art Nehf (1–0)  LP: Sad Sam Jones (0–1)  
HRs:  NYG – Casey Stengel (2)

Game 4Edit

Saturday, October 13, 1923 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (AL) 061100000 8 131
New York (NL) 000000031 4 131
WP: Bob Shawkey (1–0)  LP: Jack Scott (0–1)  SV: Herb Pennock (1)  
HRs:  NYG – Ross Youngs (1)

Game 5Edit

Sunday, October 14, 1923 at Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (NL) 010000000 1 32
New York (AL) 34010000X 8 140
WP: Bullet Joe Bush (1–1)  LP: Jack Bentley (0–1)  
HRs:  NYY – Joe Dugan (1)

Game 6Edit

Monday, October 15, 1923 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Team 123456789RHE
New York (AL) 100000050 6 50
New York (NL) 100111000 4 101
WP: Herb Pennock (2–0)  LP: Art Nehf (1–1)  SV: Sad Sam Jones (1)  
HRs:  NYY – Babe Ruth (3)  NYG – Frank Snyder (1)

Composite boxEdit

1923 World Series (4–2): New York Yankees (A.L.) over New York Giants (N.L.)

Team 123456789RHE
New York Yankees 5131410150 30 603
New York Giants 124112132 17 476

Total attendance: 301,430
Average attendance: 50,238
Winning player’s share: $6,143
Losing player’s share: $4,113</small>[8]



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