The Boston Red Sox' 2009 season is the 108th in the team's history. The Red Sox came in off a loss in the American League Championship Series during their 2008 season. The team is in the 97th season at Fenway Park, the oldest active ballpark in Major League Baseball.


2009 Boston Red Sox
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Regular seasonEdit

The Red Sox got off to a slow start, going 2-6 in the first eight games. However, the Sox won 11 straight games beginning on the 15th of April. The win streak was Boston's longest since 2006 when they had a 12-game win streak.[1] A highlight of the streak was Jacoby Ellsbury's steal of home on April 26th to cap off a 3-game sweep of the New York Yankees.[2] They finished April with a record of 14-8 and tied with the Toronto Blue Jays for the division lead.

The team flattened out in May, going 15-14 in the month and falling to third in the division behind the Yankees and the Blue Jays. Through the first two months of the season slugger David Ortiz struggled, batting just .185 with one home run. Additionally, pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka was placed on the disabled list after just two starts with an injury that manager Terry Francona attributed to his participation in the 2009 World Baseball Classic.[citation needed] Off the field announcer Jerry Remy, of NESN television was replaced by Dennis Eckersely beginning on May 6th as Remy began undergoing cancer treatment.[citation needed] Despite these struggles the Red Sox set an American League record, tying the Major League record, on May 7th by scoring 12 runs without recording an out during the 6th inning of a game against the Cleveland Indians.[3]

The Red Sox took the division lead, and improved to the second best record in MLB, during June. Through the first half of the month the Sox played four division leaders, the Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, New York Yankees, and Philadelphia Phillies, winning three of the four series and sweeping both the Tigers and Yankees. By sweeping the Yankees the Sox improved to 8-0 against the team, the best record against them since sweeping the 14-game season series against them in 1912.[4] At the All-Star break the Red Sox had the second best record in Major League Baseball and held a three game lead in the division.

The Red Sox faltered after the All-Star break, losing five of six on the road to the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers and batting just .192 and scoring 13 runs. In response to the poor offensive performance and to make room for Jed Lowrie's return from injury Julio Lugo was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals for cash and two minor-league players were traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Adam LaRoche on July 22, and on July 25 Mark Kotsay was designated for assignment.[5] The Red Sox made a big move at the trade deadline, July 31, to acquire catcher Victor Martinez from the Cleveland Indians for pitchers Justin Masterson, Nick Hagadone, and Bryan Price.[6] They also traded Adam LaRoche to the Atlanta Braves for Casey Kotchman.[6] After winning the first eight games of the season against their rival Yankees in the first half of the season, the Red Sox lost nine of the next ten to finish the season 9-9 against them.

On August 21, Jacoby Ellsbury tied the record for the Red Sox single season record for stolen bases (54), in a game against the New York Yankees, a record previously held by Tommy Harper. Ellsbury then broke the record with his 55th steal on August 25, against the Chicago White Sox.

Opening Day LineupEdit

46 Jacoby Ellsbury CF
15 Dustin Pedroia 2B
34 David Ortiz DH
20 Kevin Youkilis 3B
7 J.D. Drew RF
44 Jason Bay LF
25 Mike Lowell 3B
12 Jed Lowrie SS
33 Jason Varitek C
19 Josh Beckett P

Season standingsEdit

 v  d  e 
AL East
W L Pct. GB Home Road
New York Yankees 103 59 .636 57–24 46–35
Boston Red Sox 95 67 .586 8 56–25 39–42
Tampa Bay Rays 84 78 .519 19 52–29 32–49
Toronto Blue Jays 75 87 .463 28 44–37 31–50
Baltimore Orioles 64 98 .395 39 39–42 25–56
 v  d  e 
AL Wild Card
W L Pct. GB Strk. E#
Boston Red Sox 95 67 .586 W4
Texas Rangers 87 75 .537 8 L2 E

Record vs. opponentsEdit

Baltimore 2–16 5–4 2–5 3–5 4–4 2–8 3–2 5–13 1–5 4–5 8–10 5–5 9–9 11–7
Boston 16–2 4–4 7–2 6–1 5–3 4–5 4–2 9–9 5–5 2–4 9–9 2–7 11–7 11–7
Chicago 4–5 4−4 10–8 9–9 9–9 5–4 6−12 3–4 4–5 4–5 6–2 2–4 1–6 12–6
Cleveland 5–2 2–7 8–10 4–14 10–8 2–4 8–10 3–5 2–5 6–4 5–3 1–8 4–4 5–13
Detroit 5–3 1–6 9–9 14–4 9–9 5–4 7–12 1–5 5–4 5–4 5–2 7–2 3–5 10–8
Kansas City 4–4 3–5 9–9 8–10 9–9 1–9 6–12 2–4 2–6 5–4 1–9 3–3 4–3 8–10
Los Angeles 8–2 5–4 4–5 4–2 4–5 9–1 6–4 5–5 12–7 10–9 4–2 8–11 4–4 14–4
Minnesota 2–3 2–4 12–6 10–8 12–7 12–6 4–6 0–7 4–6 5–5 3–3 6–4 3–5 12–6
New York 13–5 9–9 4–3 5–3 5–1 4–2 5–5 7–0 7–2 6–4 11–7 5–4 12–6 10–8
Oakland 5–1 5–5 5–4 5–2 4–5 6–2 7–12 6–4 2–7 5–14 6–4 11–8 3–6 5–13
Seattle 5–4 4–2 5–4 4–6 4–5 4–5 9–10 5–5 4–6 14–5 5–3 8–11 3–4 11–7
Tampa Bay 10–8 9–9 2–6 3–5 2–5 9–1 2–4 3–3 7–11 4–6 3–5 3–6 14–4 13–5
Texas 5–5 7–2 4–2 8–1 2–7 3–3 11–8 4–6 4–5 8–11 11–8 6–3 5–5 9–9
Toronto 9–9 7–11 6–1 4–4 5–3 3–4 4–4 5–3 6–12 6–3 4–3 4–14 5–5 7–11

Through October 5, 2009

Detailed recordEdit

Team Home Away Total Pct. Gms Left
AL East
Baltimore Orioles 8-1 8-1 16-2 0.889 -
New York Yankees 7-2 2-7 9-9 0.500 -
Tampa Bay Rays 6-3 3-6 9-9 0.500 -
Toronto Blue Jays 6-3 5-4 11-7 0.611 -
26-9 18-18 44-27 0.620 -
AL Central
Chicago White Sox 3-1 1-3 4-4 0.500 -
Cleveland Indians 5-1 2-1 7-2 0.750 -
Detroit Tigers 3-1 3-0 6-1 0.857 -
Kansas City Royals 3-1 2-2 5-3 0.625 -
Minnesota Twins 2-0 2-2 4-2 0.667 -
16-4 10-8 26-12 0.684 -
AL West
Los Angeles Angels 2-1 2-4 4-5 0.444 -
Oakland Athletics 4-3 1-2 5-5 0.500 -
Seattle Mariners 1-2 1-2 2-4 0.333 -
Texas Rangers 1-2 1-5 2-7 0.222 -
8-8 5-13 13-21 0.382 -
National League
Atlanta Braves 2-1 2-1 4-2 0.667 -
Florida Marlins 2-1 N/A 2-1 0.667 -
New York Mets 1-2 N/A 1-2 0.333 -
Philadelphia Phillies N/A 2-1 2-1 0.667 -
Washington Nationals N/A 2-1 2-1 0.667 -
5-4 6-3 11-7 0.611 -
Month Games Won Lost Pct.
April 22 14 8 0.636
May 29 15 14 0.517
June 26 18 8 0.692
July 25 13 12 0.520
August 28 16 12 0.571
September 28 15 13 0.536
October 4 4 0 1.000
162 95 67 0.586

Game logEdit

Red Sox Win Red Sox Loss Game Postponed
2009 Game Log
2009 Postseason Game Log

Player statsEdit


Note: G = Games played; AB = At Bats; R = Runs scored; H = Hits; 2B = Doubles; 3B = Triples; HR = Home Runs; RBI = Runs Batted In; AVG = Batting average; SB = Stolen Bases

Brian Anderson
<center>202 <center>32 <center>49 <center>9 <center>0 <center>4 <center>18 <center>.243 <center>3
Jeff Bailey <center>26 <center>77 <center>14 <center>16 <center>3 <center>2 <center>3 <center>9 <center>.208 <center>0
Rocco Baldelli <center>62 <center>150 <center>23 <center>38 <center>4 <center>1 <center>7 <center>23 <center>.253 <center>1
Daniel Bard <center>5 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
Aaron Bates <center>5 <center>11 <center>2 <center>4 <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>2 <center>.364 <center>0
Jason Bay <center>151 <center>531 <center>103 <center>142 <center>29 <center>3 <center>36 <center>119 <center>.267 <center>13
Josh Beckett <center>2 <center>5 <center>1 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>1 <center>.200 <center>0
Dusty Brown <center>6 <center>3 <center>1 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>1 <center>.333 <center>0
Clay Buchholz <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
Chris Carter <center>4 <center>5 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>.000 <center>0
Manny Delcarmen <center>3 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
J.D. Drew <center>137 <center>452 <center>84 <center>126 <center>30 <center>4 <center>24 <center>68 <center>.279 <center>2
Jacoby Ellsbury <center>153 <center>624 <center>94 <center>188 <center>27 <center>10 <center>8 <center>60 <center>.301 <center>70
Alex Gonzalez <center>44 <center>148 <center>26 <center>42 <center>10 <center>0 <center>5 <center>15 <center>.284 <center>1
Nick Green <center>103 <center>276 <center>35 <center>65 <center>18 <center>0 <center>6 <center>35 <center>.236 <center>1
Casey Kotchman <center>39 <center>87 <center>9 <center>19 <center>3 <center>0 <center>1 <center>7 <center>.218 <center>1
George Kottaras <center>45 <center>93 <center>15 <center>22 <center>11 <center>0 <center>1 <center>10 <center>.237 <center>0
Adam LaRoche <center>6 <center>19 <center>2 <center>5 <center>2 <center>0 <center>1 <center>3 <center>.263 <center>0
Jon Lester <center>2 <center>3 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
Javier Lopez <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
Mike Lowell <center>119 <center>445 <center>54 <center>129 <center>29 <center>1 <center>17 <center>75 <center>.290 <center>2
Jed Lowrie <center>32 <center>68 <center>5 <center>10 <center>2 <center>0 <center>2 <center>11 <center>.147 <center>0
Julio Lugo <center>37 <center>109 <center>16 <center>31 <center>4 <center>1 <center>1 <center>8 <center>.284 <center>3
Víctor Martínez <center>56 <center>211 <center>32 <center>71 <center>12 <center>0 <center>8 <center>41 <center>.336 <center>1
Justin Masterson <center>4 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
Daisuke Matsuzaka <center>1 <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
Hideki Okajima <center>5 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
David Ortiz <center>150 <center>541 <center>77 <center>129 <center>35 <center>1 <center>28 <center>99 <center>.238 <center>0
Jonathan Papelbon <center>4 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
Dustin Pedroia <center>154 <center>626 <center>115 <center>185 <center>48 <center>1 <center>15 <center>72 <center>.298 <center>20
Brad Penny <center>2 <center>5 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
Ramón Ramírez <center>3 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
Josh Reddick <center>27 <center>59 <center>5 <center>10 <center>4 <center>0 <center>2 <center>4 <center>.169 <center>0
Takashi Saito <center>5 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
John Smoltz <center>1 <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
Jonathan Van Every <center>7 <center>11 <center>1 <center>4 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>3 <center>.364 <center>0
Jason Varitek <center>109 <center>364 <center>41 <center>76 <center>24 <center>0 <center>14 <center>51 <center>.209 <center>0
Gil Velazquez <center>6 <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
Tim Wakefield <center>1 <center>2 <center>0 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.500 <center>0
Kevin Youkilis <center>136 <center>491 <center>99 <center>150 <center>36 <center>1 <center>27 <center>94 <center>.305 <center>7
<center>Totals <center>129 <center>4984 <center>768 <center>1328 <center>309 <center>22 <center>184 <center>728 <center>.266 <center>102


Note: W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; G = Games pitched; GS = Games started; SV = Saves; IP = Innings pitched; R = Runs allowed; ER = Earned runs allowed; HR = Homme Run Allowed; BB = Walks allowed; K = Strikeouts

Daniel Bard <center>2 <center>2 <center>3.65 <center>49 <center>0 <center>1 <center>49.1 <center>24 <center>20 <center>5 <center>22 <center>63
Josh Beckett <center>17 <center>6 <center>3.86 <center>32 <center>32 <center>0 <center>212.1 <center>99 <center>91 <center>25 <center>55 <center>199
Michael Bowden <center>1 <center>1 <center>9.56 <center>8 <center>1 <center>0 <center>16.0 <center>17 <center>17 <center>3 <center>6 <center>12
Clay Buchholz <center>7 <center>4 <center>4.21 <center>16 <center>16 <center>0 <center>92.0 <center>44 <center>43 <center>13 <center>36 <center>68
Fernando Cabrera <center>0 <center>0 <center>8.44 <center>6 <center>0 <center>0 <center>5.1 <center>5 <center>5 <center>0 <center>4 <center>8
Manny Delcarmen <center>5 <center>2 <center>4.53 <center>64 <center>0 <center>0 <center>59.2 <center>34 <center>30 <center>5 <center>34 <center>44
Enrique Gonzalez <center>0 <center>0 <center>4.91 <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>3.2 <center>2 <center>2 <center>1 <center>2 <center>1
Nick Green <center>0 <center>0 <center>0.00 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>2.0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>3 <center>0
Hunter Jones <center>0 <center>0 <center>9.24 <center>11 <center>0 <center>0 <center>12.2 <center>13 <center>13 <center>3 <center>7 <center>9
Jon Lester <center>15 <center>8 <center>3.41 <center>32 <center>32 <center>0 <center>203.1 <center>80 <center>77 <center>20 <center>64 <center>225
Javier López <center>0 <center>2 <center>9.26 <center>14 <center>0 <center>0 <center>11.2 <center>13 <center>12 <center>1 <center>9 <center>5
Justin Masterson <center>3 <center>3 <center>4.50 <center>31 <center>6 <center>0 <center>72.0 <center>38 <center>36 <center>7 <center>25 <center>67
Daisuke Matsuzaka <center>4 <center>6 <center>5.76 <center>12 <center>12 <center>0 <center>59.1 <center>38 <center>38 <center>10 <center>30 <center>54
Hideki Okajima <center>6 <center>0 <center>3.39 <center>68 <center>0 <center>0 <center>61.1 <center>23 <center>23 <center>8 <center>21 <center>53
Jonathan Papelbon <center>1 <center>1 <center>1.85 <center>66 <center>0 <center>38 <center>68.0 <center>15 <center>14 <center>5 <center>24 <center>76
Brad Penny <center>7 <center>8 <center>5.61 <center>24 <center>24 <center>0 <center>131.2 <center>89 <center>82 <center>17 <center>42 <center>89
Ramón Ramírez <center>7 <center>4 <center>2.84 <center>70 <center>0 <center>0 <center>69.2 <center>26 <center>22 <center>7 <center>32 <center>52
Takashi Saito <center>3 <center>3 <center>2.43 <center>56 <center>0 <center>2 <center>55.2 <center>16 <center>15 <center>6 <center>25 <center>52
John Smoltz <center>2 <center>5 <center>8.33 <center>8 <center>8 <center>0 <center>40.0 <center>37 <center>37 <center>8 <center>9 <center>33
Junichi Tazawa <center>2 <center>3 <center>7.46 <center>6 <center>4 <center>0 <center>25.1 <center>23 <center>21 <center>4 <center>9 <center>13
Billy Traber <center>0 <center>0 <center>12.27 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>3.2 <center>5 <center>5 <center>2 <center>1 <center>1
Jonathan Van Every <center>0 <center>0 <center>0.00 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0.2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>0
Tim Wakefield <center>11 <center>5 <center>4.58 <center>21 <center>21 <center>0 <center>129.2 <center>67 <center>66 <center>12 <center>50 <center>72
<center>Totals <center>75 <center>54 <center>5.16 <center>129 <center>129 <center>35 <center>1154.1 <center>585 <center>553 <center>129 <center>422 <center>995

Awards and HonorsEdit

<center>Boston Red Sox All-Stars[7]





Farm systemEdit

Template:MLB Farm System[8][9]


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