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In Major League Baseball, the exclusive 4,000 hit club is an informal term referring to members of an elite group of players: those players that have reached 4000 hits on their careers. Prior to August 21, 2013, only two players had made the 4000 hit club - Ty Cobb and Pete Rose. Given the difficulty of attaining 4000 hits (200 hits a year for 20 years), it is unlikely that there will be very many future members. The next closest player to the club is Hank Aaron, with 3,771 hits. Ichiro Suzuki became the third member of this exclusive club on August 21, 2013, though many of his hits were as a player in Japan. Out of active players, Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers is the closest to joining the 4000 Hit Club. However, as he is at 3095 hits as of 4/20/2023 and retiring after the 2023 season, it seems unlikely.  


On August 21, 2013, Ichiro Suzuki got his 4000th hit, joining Cobb and Rose in the exclusive club. On September 11, 1985, Rose joined a group of his own hitting his 4,192nd hit, surpassing Cobb's 57-year old record.

The members[]

Player Hits Date of 4000th Teams Seasons
Ichiro Suzuki 4,367 August 21, 2013 Orix BlueWave (NPB) 1992-[2000]], Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees, Miami Marlins 1992-2019
Pete Rose 4,256 April 13, 1984 Cincinnati, Philadelphia 1963-86
Ty Cobb 4,191 July 18,1927 Detroit, Philadelphia (AL) 1905-28