Ambrose Moses McConnell (April 29, 1883 - May 20, 1942), born in North Pownal, Vermont, was a professional baseball player for Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox. He played in 392 games over 4 seasons and hit .264 from 1908-1911.

As a rookie with the Red Sox, McConnell set a team record in 1908 with 31 stolen bases; that record was broken 100 years later, on June 15, 2008, by Jacoby Ellsbury.[1] The next season, on July 19, 1909, McConnell hit into the first unassisted triple play in major league history.

McConnell attended Beloit College. He died in Utica, New York.

Minor league manager:

McConnell, Ambrose M. b: 'April 29, 1883*' d: May 20, 1942

 1916-17 New York State (Utica); 1919 Virginia (Petersburg); 1920 International (Syracuse); 

       1921 Virginia (“Petersburg-Tarboro”); 1922 Central (Ludington); 1924 New York-Penn (Utica); 

       1939 Canadian-American (Utica)  T: 8 years

* “Baseball Necrology” lists year of birth as 1882. (pg 259)

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