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The American League Central Division is one of Major League Baseball's six divisions.

Current members

Division lineups


Lineup for 1994-1997

Changes from 1993

  • Creation of division due to 1994 MLB realignment
    • The Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals, and Minnesota Twins moved in from the AL West
    • The Cleveland Indians and Milwaukee Brewers moved in from the AL East


Current lineup

Changes from 1997

  • The Detroit Tigers moved in from the AL East
  • The Milwaukee Brewers moved into the NL Central

AL Central champions by year

Year Winner Record % Playoffs
1994 Chicago White Sox§ 67-46 .593 No Playoffs
1995 Cleveland Indians 100-44 .694 Lost World Series to Atlanta, 4-2
1996 Cleveland Indians 99-62 .615 Lost ALDS to Baltimore, 3-1
1997 Cleveland Indians 86-75 .534 Lost World Series to Florida, 4-3
1998 Cleveland Indians 89-73 .549 Lost ALCS to New York, 4-2
1999 Cleveland Indians 97-65 .599 Lost ALDS to Boston, 3-2
2000 Chicago White Sox 95-67 .586 Lost ALDS to Seattle, 3-0
2001 Cleveland Indians 91-71 .562 Lost ALDS to Seattle, 3-2
2002 Minnesota Twins 94-67 .584 Lost ALCS to Anaheim, 4-1
2003 Minnesota Twins 90-72 .556 Lost ALDS to New York, 3-1
2004 Minnesota Twins 92-70 .568 Lost ALDS to New York, 3-1
2005 Chicago White Sox 99-63 .611 Won World Series over Houston, 4-0
2006 Minnesota Twins 96-66 .593 Lost ALDS to Oakland, 3-0

§ - Due to the players' strike, no official winner was awarded. Chicago was leading at the strike.

Wild card winners produced

Year Winner Record % GB Playoffs
1994 Cleveland Indians§ 66-47 .584 1 No Playoffs
2006 Detroit Tigers 95-67 .586 1 Lost World Series to St. Louis, 4-1

§ - Due to the players' strike, no official wild card winner was awarded. Cleveland was leading the wild card at the strike.

AL Central Titles Won By Team

Team Number of Championships Won Last Year Won
Cleveland Indians 6 2001
Minnesota Twins 4 2006
Chicago White Sox 2 2005


Because of the dominance of Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees in the AL East as well as AL Central having been the weakest division in American League, this division was the last division in baseball to successfully produce a wild card team in 2006, 12 years after its creation. In 2006, the division has gained the reputation of being the toughest in baseball with the records and play of the Tigers, Twins and White Sox. On September 24, 2006, a victory by the Twins guaranteed the wild card would come from the division, eliminating the BoSox of the American League East from Wild Card contention and ending a four-year streak of wild card appearances by the Red Sox. The Twins eliminated the White Sox from playoff contention on September 25 and then squeaked by the Tigers on the last day of the regular season to give the Tigers the wild card slot.

The Chicago White Sox are the only team from the division that has won the World Series (since the inception of the division).

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