Baseball World Cup
Sport Baseball
Founded 1938
No. of teams 22 (in 2009)
Continent International
Current champions Flag of the United States United States

The Baseball World Cup is an international tournament in which national baseball teams from around the world compete. It is sanctioned by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF). Along with the World Baseball Classic, it is one of two active tournaments considered by the IBAF to be a major world championship. (The baseball tournament at the Summer Olympic Games was also considered a major world championship, but baseball is no longer an Olympic sport.)


There have been 38 Baseball World Cups to date and the most recent World Cup was held in 2009 in eight countries across Europe. The first tournament, held in 1938, featured only two teams but the last tournament included 22 participants, and the previous two have featured 16 and 18 teams in 2007 and 2005 respectively. The World Cup was called the Amateur World Series until the tournament in 1988. The tournament generally receives relatively little publicity and does not begin to approach the popularity of the football (soccer) World Cup, cricket World Cup, or rugby World Cup.

Until 1998 the competition was limited to amateur players. Since 1998, professional minor league players have competed, but Major League Baseball has not allowed its players to participate. In the months leading up to the high-profile first World Baseball Classic in 2006, many commentators heralded it as a "Baseball World Cup", perhaps not realizing that a tournament of that description already exists and has for almost seventy years. However, the 2006 World Baseball Classic was the first international baseball tournament to include players from the major leagues, making it a closer equivalent to the other world cups, which include players from the most prestigious professional leagues, than the Baseball World Cup.

Medal tableEdit

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Flag of Cuba CUB 25 3 2 30
2 Flag of the United States USA 4 7 4 15
3 Flag of Venezuela VEN 3 2 4 9
4 Flag of Colombia COL 2 2 2 6
5 Flag of South Korea KOR 1 5 2 8
6 Flag of Puerto Rico PUR 1 4 4 9
7 Flag of the Dominican Republic DOM 1 3 2 6
8 Great Britain 1 0 0 1
9 Flag of Nicaragua NIC 0 5 5 10
10 Flag of Mexico MEX 0 4 1 5
11 Flag of Japan JPN 0 1 5 6
12 Flag of Taiwan TPE 0 1 3 4
13 Flag of Panama PAN 0 1 2 3
14 Flag of Canada CAN 0 0 1 1

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