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There were three separate and different organizations which went by the title of Eastern Inter-State League

The first league operated in 1888. The second Inter-State League operated in 1889. And the third EI-SL operated in 1895.

Eastern Inter-State (1888)

' Belleville/Brockville, Ont

Kingston, NY

Oswego, NY

Watertown, NY

Eastern Inter-State (1889)

Akron, OH                                                       

Altoona, PA                                                      

Atlantic City, NJ                                               

Easton, PA                                                      

Harrisburg, PA                                                  

Lebanon, PA                                                     

Scranton, PA

Wilkes-Barre, PA

Eastern Inter-State (1895)

Canton, OH                                                           

Columbus, OH                                                    

Kenton, OH                                                      

Mansfield, OH                                                   

Steubenville/Akron/Lima, OH


Wheeling, WV