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Sport Baseball
Founded 1936#
No. of teams 12
Country Flag of the United States United States
Current champions Clearwater Threshers
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The Florida State League is a Class A Advanced Minor League Baseball league which operates in the state of Florida. Before 2002, it was classified as a "High-A" league, indicating its status as a Class A league with the highest level of competition within that classification, and the fifth step between Rookie ball and the major leagues. Although Minor League Baseball, the umbrella organization for minor leagues that are affiliated with Major League Baseball, has eliminated the distinction between High-A and other full-season A leagues, most major-league teams still use this league as a standard promotion step. A few draftees, generally early-round draftees with college experience, will be assigned to a "High-A" team upon signing a professional contract, but most High-A players do not reach that level until their third or fourth year of professional play.

The league originated in 1919# with teams in Bartow, Bradenton, Lakeland, Orlando, Sanford and Tampa. The league closed down in 1928 and resumed play in 1936 and has continued uninterrupted, except for a four-year (1942–45) suspension during World War II.

Currently, the league is divided into two divisions: East and West. The twelve member teams play a 140 game schedule with 70 games at home and 70 games on the road. The six team divisions play a split season with the first half ending on June and the second half ending in September.

Four teams participate in the play-offs. Winners of both halves within each Division play each other in a best of three game series for the Division Championships. If there is a repeat Division winner, a wild card team will qualify for the play-offs. The Division Champions will move on to the League Championship Series and play a best-of-five game series.

  #The idea that the Florida State League originated in 1919 is a common misconception. Even Ed McDonald, the former president of the league thought the league began play in 1919. (They played their first games in 'Organized Ball' in 1919). The Ocala and St Augustine local newspapers clearly show a very brief attempt at a Florida State League in 1892.
 The league actually began play on Jan 10, 1892 and the last game played was March 1. St Augustine took first place, Jacksonville was second, Tampa was third and Ocala fourth. The only manager named was William Harrington at St Augustine.
   Both the St Augustine and Ocala papers listed the final standings the same, but I found no evidence of any won-loss totals for the short season.

References are the "Sporting News", Vern Luse, Ocala "Banner" and the St Augustine newspaper (before I began citing references, I forgot to do this one.

Current teamsEdit

Division Team MLB Affiliation City Stadium Capacity
East Brevard County Manatees Milwaukee Brewers Viera, Florida Space Coast Stadium1 8,100
Daytona Cubs Chicago Cubs Daytona Beach, Florida Jackie Robinson Stadium 5,100
Jupiter Hammerheads Florida Marlins Jupiter, Florida Roger Dean Stadium 7,200
Palm Beach Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals Jupiter, Florida Roger Dean Stadium 7,200
St. Lucie Mets New York Mets Port St. Lucie, Florida Tradition Field 7,347
Vero Beach Devil Rays Tampa Bay Rays Vero Beach, Florida Holman Stadium 6,500
West Clearwater Threshers Philadelphia Phillies Clearwater, Florida Bright House Field 8,500
Dunedin Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays Dunedin, Florida Knology Park 6,106
Fort Myers Miracle Minnesota Twins Fort Myers, Florida Hammond Stadium 7,500
Lakeland Flying Tigers Detroit Tigers Lakeland, Florida Joker Marchant Stadium 8,500
Sarasota Reds Cincinnati Reds Sarasota, Florida Ed Smith Stadium 7,500
Tampa Yankees New York Yankees Tampa, Florida George M. Steinbrenner Field 10,000
1 Hosting 2008 Florida State League All-Star Game

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Teams of the Modern FSL (1936-)Edit

Florida State League Champions Edit

1892 St Augustine

  • 1919 Sanford Celeryfeds and Orlando Caps (co-champions)
  • 1920 Tampa Smokers
  • 1921 Orlando Tigers
  • 1922 St. Petersburg Saints
  • 1923 Orlando Bulldogs
  • 1924 Lakeland Highlanders
  • 1925 Tampa Smokers
  • 1926 Sanford Celeryfeds
  • 1927 Orlando Colts
  • 1928-35 Not in operation
  • 1936 St. Augustine Saints
  • 1937 Gainesville G-Men
  • 1938 Gainesville G-Men
  • 1939 Sanford Lookouts
  • 1940 Orlando Senators
  • 1941 Leesburg Anglers
  • 1942-45 Not in operation
  • 1946 Orlando Senators
  • 1947 Gainesville G-Men
  • 1948 Daytona Beach Islanders
  • 1949 St. Augustine Saints
  • 1950 DeLand Red Hats
  • 1951 DeLand Red Hats
  • 1952 Palatka Azaleas
  • 1953 Daytona Beach Islanders
  • 1954 Lakeland Pilots
  • 1955 Orlando C.B.'s
  • 1956 Cocoa Indians
  • 1957 Tampa Tarpons
  • 1958 St. Petersburg Saints
  • 1959 St. Petersburg Saints
  • 1960 Palatka Redlegs
  • 1961 Tampa Tarpons
  • 1962 Fort Lauderdale Yankees
  • 1963 Sarasota Sun Sox
  • 1964 Fort Lauderdale Yankees
  • 1965 Fort Lauderdale Yankees
  • 1966 Leesburg Athletics
  • 1967 St. Petersburg Cardinals
  • 1968 Orlando Twins
  • 1969 Miami Marlins
  • 1970 Miami Marlins
  • 1971 Miami Orioles
  • 1972 Miami Orioles
  • 1973 St. Petersburg Cardinals
  • 1974 West Palm Beach Expos
  • 1975 St. Petersburg Cardinals
  • 1976 Lakeland Tigers
  • 1977 Lakeland Tigers
  • 1978 Miami Orioles
  • 1979 Winter Haven Red Sox
  • 1980 Fort Lauderdale Yankees
  • 1981 Daytona Beach Astros
  • 1982 Fort Lauderdale Yankees
  • 1983 Vero Beach Dodgers
  • 1984 Fort Lauderdale Yankees
  • 1985 Fort Myers Royals
  • 1986 St. Petersburg Cardinals
  • 1987 Fort Lauderdale Yankees
  • 1988 St. Lucie Mets
  • 1989 Charlotte Rangers
  • 1990 Vero Beach Dodgers
  • 1991 West Palm Beach
  • 1992 Lakeland Tigers
  • 1993 Clearwater Phillies
  • 1994 Tampa Yankees
  • 1995 Daytona Cubs
  • 1996 St. Lucie Mets
  • 1997 St. Petersburg Devil Rays
  • 1998 St. Lucie Mets
  • 1999 Kissimmee Cobras
  • 2000 Daytona Cubs
  • 2001 Tampa Yankees and Brevard County Manatees (co-champions)
  • 2002 Charlotte Rangers
  • 2003 St. Lucie Mets
  • 2004 Daytona Cubs and Tampa Yankees (co-champions)
  • 2005 Palm Beach Cardinals
  • 2006 St. Lucie Mets
  • 2007 Clearwater Threshers

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