Frank Elton Snyder (May 27, 1894 in San Antonio, Texas - January 5, 1962 in San Antonio, Texas), is a former professional baseball player and coach who played catcher in Major League Baseball from 1912 to 1927.[1] He would play for the New York Giants and St. Louis Cardinals.

Snyder led National League catchers in fielding percentage three times in 1914, 1923 and 1925.[2] Richard Kendall of the Society for American Baseball Research devised an unscientific study that ranked Snyder as the ninth most dominating fielding catcher in major league history.[3] His reputation as a defensive stand out is enhanced because of the era in which he played. In the Deadball Era, catchers played a huge defensive role, given the large number of bunts and stolen base attempts, as well as the difficulty of handling the spitball pitchers who dominated pitching staffs.[4]

After his playing career, he served as a coach for the New York Giants, and was a minor league manager.[5]

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