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In Major League Baseball, the General Manager or GM of a team typically controls player transactions and bears the primary responsibility on behalf of the ballclub during contract discussions with players.

The general manager is also normally the person who hires and fires the coaching staff, including the field manager who acts as the head coach. In baseball, the term manager used without qualification almost always refers to the field manager, not the general manager.

Before the 1960s, and in some rare cases today, a person with the General Manager title in sports has also borne responsibility for the non-player operations of the ballclub, such as ballpark administration and broadcasting. Ed Barrow, George Weiss and Gabe Paul were three baseball GMs noted for their administrative skills in both player and non-player duties.

Current MLB general managers[]

American League[]

Team GM
Baltimore Orioles Mike Flanagan[1]
Boston Red Sox Theo Epstein[2]
Chicago White Sox Ken Williams[3]
Cleveland Indians Mark Shapiro[4]
Detroit Tigers Dave Dombrowski[5]
Kansas City Royals Dayton Moore[6]
Los Angeles Angels Bill Stoneman[7]
Minnesota Twins Terry Ryan[8]
New York Yankees Brian Cashman[9]
Oakland Athletics Billy Beane[10]
Seattle Mariners Bill Bavasi[11]
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Andrew Friedman[12]
Texas Rangers Jon Daniels[13]
Toronto Blue Jays J.P. Ricciardi[14]

National League[]

Team GM
Arizona Diamondbacks Josh Byrnes[15]
Atlanta Braves John Schuerholz[16]
Chicago Cubs Jim Hendry[17]
Cincinnati Reds Wayne Krivsky[18]
Colorado Rockies Daniel J. O'Dowd[19]
Florida Marlins Larry Beinfest[20]
Houston Astros Tim Purpura[21]
Los Angeles Dodgers Ned Colletti[22]
Milwaukee Brewers Doug Melvin[23]
New York Mets Omar Minaya[24]
Philadelphia Phillies Pat Gillick[25]
Pittsburgh Pirates Dave Littlefield[26]
San Diego Padres Kevin Towers[27]
San Francisco Giants Brian Sabean[28]
St. Louis Cardinals Walt Jocketty[29]
Washington Nationals Jim Bowden[30]

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