Gilberto Arnulfo Velazquez (born October 17, 1979 in Los Angeles, California) is a Minor League baseball player in the Boston Red Sox organization currently assigned to the Pawtucket Red Sox. He is 6-2 feet tall and weighs 190 pounds. Velazquez also has played with the Double-A and Triple-A teams off the Minnesota Twins. Velazquez is a graduate of Paramount High School in Paramount, California.

Velazquez was invited to the 2008 spring training.[1] He is currently the starting shortstop and usually bats ninth in the lineup.

Batting Edit

Velazquez is a below average hitter. He has never hit an average of over .300 except at the beginning of 2006 at level Double-A when he played 6 games to get a .375 average. He was then moved up to Triple-A. He didn't do as good batting an average of .250 so he was then moved back to Double-A in 2007. He again went to Triple-A at the end of 2007, batting a .267 average. Velazquez is good pull hitter, hitting the ball to left field most of the time. Although, not a very good clutch hitter.

Fielding Edit

Velazquez is an average fielder giving up not many errors. He is a shortstop that always pays attention of what is happening so he can field the ball. He has an average run speed, which also helps him field balls easily and is able to run bases well and steal bases well on occasions.

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