Golden Baseball League was an independent league. In 2011 Golden Baseball League and United Baseball League consolidated to form the North American Baseball League which lasted two years

2005     Chico CA, Fullerton CA, Long Beach CA, Mesa Az, San Diego Ca, Surprise Az, Road team-Japan.

2006     Reno NV entered the league; Japan, Mesa and Surprise left the league.

2007     St George, UT entered the league; San Diego left the league.

2008     Calgary, Alb and Edmonton, Alb entered the league.

2009     Tucson, AZ and Victoria, BC entered the league and Reno left the league.

2010     Tijuana, BaCa and Wailuku, HI entered the league; Long Beach left the league.

2011      Edinburg TX, Harlingen TX, McAllen TX, San Angeleo TX,and Zion IL entered the league; Fullerton, St George, Tijuana, Tucson and Victoria left the league.

2012      Abiline TX, Ft Worth TX, Hilo HI, San Rafael CA, and a road team-Sonoma County entered the league; Calgary, Chico, Edmonton, Yuma and Zion left the league.

2013    The North American broke up and two league were formed from this dissalution, the Pacific Association and the United League.

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