Gwangju Mudeung Baseball Stadium
Gwangju Baseball Stadium
Location Gwangju, South Korea
Coordinates Template:Geobox coor
Surface Natural Grass
Capacity 12,500
Field dimensions Left Field - 97 meters (318 ft.)
Left-Center - 116 meters (381 ft.)
Center Field - 119 meters (390 ft.)
Right-Center - 116 meters (381 ft.)
Right Field - 97 meters (318 ft.)
Outfield Wall Height - 3.11 meters (10 feet)
Kia Tigers (KBO)

Gwangju Mudeung Baseball Stadium (무등 야구장|무등 야구장) is a baseball stadium in Gwangju, Seoul, South Korea. It is the home of the Kia Tigers in the KBO. The stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in Korea.

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