I grew up in LaHabra Calif.  Jess Flores played baseball with the Juvenil baseball team;

(I have an old picture) which later became; if I remember correctly, the LaHabra Tigers. He was known as fastball pitcher, but could move the ball around the plate! His nickname was "Manotas" given by his friends closest to him! Manotas means 'big hands'! A baseball scout spotted him and that started his baseball career. The community of LaHabra always claimed him as their own and when he retired as a baseball scout for the Oakland A's (Not sure about team) he worked at the LaHabra post office and I had the pleasure of working with him; after I was discharged from the USAF in 1956! I moved on but ran into him once in a while! He was a great man and set a great example of what a man should be; friendly, kind, attentive, and a loving father!

                                         Enrique (Bebito) Garibay Uribe
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