KBO Futures League
Sport Baseball
Founded 1982
No. of teams 12
Country KOR
Official website Official Homepage

KBO Futures League' (Ko: KBO 퓨처스 리그)is the 2nd highest level below that of Korea Professional Baseball in South Korea. It has a role as a farm league, whose the purpose is to develop players available to play in KBO League on demand. These leagues are governed by Korea Baseball Organization (KBO).

Current TeamsEdit

Southern LeagueEdit

Team City Stadium
Kia Tigers Hampyeong Hampyeong Challengers Field
Hanwha Eagles Seosan Seosan Baseball Stadium
Samsung Lions Gyeongsan, Pohang Gyeongsan Ball Park, Pohang Baseball Stadium
NC Dinos Changwon Masan Baseball Stadium
Lotte Giants Gimhae Sangdong Baseball Stadium
Sangmu Phoenix Baseball Team Moongyeong Sangmoo Baseball Stadium

Northern LeagueEdit

Team City Stadium
SK Wyverns Incheon SK Dream Park
Kiwoom Heroes Goyang Goyang Baseball Stadium
Doosan Bears Icheon Bears Field
LG Twins Icheon LG Champion's Park
KT Wiz Suwon Suwon Baseball Stadium

Futures League ChampionsEdit

(Since 2012 ~)Edit

Northern LeagueEdit

Year Winner Running-Up
2012 Police Baseball Team, Sangmu Phoenix Baseball Team Doosan Bears
2013 Police Baseball Team SK Wyverns
2014 Police Baseball Team LG Twins
2016 Police Baseball Team Goyang Dinos
2017 Police Baseball Team SK Wyverns
2018 Police Baseball Team Goyang Dinos
2019 Hanwha Eagles LG Twins

Southern LeagueEdit

Year Winner Running-Up
2012 NC Dinos Kia Tigers
2013 Sangmu Phoenix Baseball Team Nexen Heroes
2014 Sangmu Phoenix Baseball Team Hanwha Eagles
2016 Sangmu Phoenix Baseball Team KT Wiz
2017 Sangmu Phoenix Baseball Team Kia Tigers
2018 Sangmu Phoenix Baseball Team Lotte Giants
2019 Sangmu Phoenix Baseball Team KT Wiz

(2015 )Edit

Blue LeagueEdit

Year Winner Running-Up
2015 Police Baseball Team KT Wiz

Red LeagueEdit

Year Winner Running-Up
2015 Goyang Dinos Hwaseong Heroes

Yellow LeagueEdit

Year Winner Running-Up
2015 Sangmu Phoenix Baseball Team Lotte Giants

Most Futures League Successful clubs (Since 2011 ~ )Edit

Team Champions League Winning Seasons
Kia Tigers 2017 New Cap Logo Kia Tigers 2017 New Emblem Kia Tigers Southern
Samsung Lions insignia Samsung Lions Emblem Samsung Lions Southern
Goyang Heroes Heroes insignia Goyang Heroes Emblem Kiwoom Heroes Southern
Doosan Bears insignia Doosan Bears Emblem Doosan Bears Northern
SK Wyverns insignia 2020 New Ver SK Wyverns 2020 New Emblem SK Wyverns Northern
LG Twins New Logo LG Twins New Emblem LG Twins Northern
Lotte Giants Simbol 2018 Lotte Giants Emblem 2018 Lotte Giants 1 Southern 2011
Hanwha Eagles insignia Hanwha Eagles Emblem Hanwha Eagles 1 Northern 2019
NC Dinos insignia 2020 New Ver NC Dinos Emblem NC Dinos 1 Southern 2012 , 2015
KT Wiz Insignia KT Wiz Emblem KT Wiz Northern
Armed Athletic Corps Baseball Team insignia Armed Athletic Corps Baseball Team Emblem Sangmu Phoenix Baseball Team 7 Southern 2013, 2014 , 2015 , 2016 , 2017, 2018 , 2019
Police Baseball Team insignia Police Baseball Team Emblem Police Baseball Team 8 Northern 2011, 2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015 , 2016 , 2017, 2018

Internet Protocol TVEdit

  • Channel A Plus : Han Man Jung

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