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Kenosha Comets 1943

The 1943 Kenosha Comets. Back L-R: "Josh" Billings (Manager), Audrey Wagner, Ethel McCreary, Lee Harney, Ann Harnett, Janice O`Hara, Ada Ryan (Chaperone). Middle L-R: Phyllis Koehn, Kay Heim, Helen Westerman, Helen Nicol, Darlene Mickelsen. Front L-R: Clara Cook, Myrna Nearing, Mary Lou Lester, Shirley Jameson, Pauline Pirok.

The Kenosha Comets were a women's baseball team in All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from 1943-1951. Although the 1992 movie A League of Their Own features the Kenosha Comets, all of the characters playing on the team were fictional.

The Comets never won the league championship.

Former players[]