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Knuckle changeup Edit

A knuckle changeup is a type of baseball pitch that includes combining the knuckleball and the changeup. The pitch is thrown with a circle change up grip with 1-3 fingers raised. With more movement, more fingers are raised. It is thrown with a stiff wrist. A wrist that is not stiff will result in a fastball.

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Knuckle slider Edit

The knuckle slider is an uncommon pitch in most of baseball. It is a pitch that breaks to one side at about the same speed as a normal slider. Its intended use is to make the batter overanticipate and swing early. Also, because of the pitches breaking nature, it is very hard for the batter to make good contact. Often, these pitches will foul off or pop up.

Start off with a knuckle curve, then turn your wrist 90 degrees to the right (for a right-handed pitcher). There is no need to supernate or pronate your arm because is already cocked. Throw it with the same arm speed as your fastball.

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