La Ligue de Baseball de Quebec is an Independent and a Senior League that is based in Quebec

2002       Ailes, Beauport, Laval, Montreal, Quebec, Quebec Indians, St Charles-Borromee, St Jean Sur Richelieu, Ste Foy, Trois Rivieres

2003       Coaticook, Granby, Kamouraska, Riviere du Luop, Sherbrooke and Victoriaville enter the league, and Quebec Indians has left the league

2004       Beauport, Kamouraska, Ste Foy, St Jean Sur Richelieu and St Charles Borromee has left the league.

2005       Montreal has left the league

2006       Acton Vale and Quebec enter the league and Laval and Grandby has left the league.

2007       Granby enter the league.

2008       Drummondville enter the league and Ailes has left the league

2009       Ailes, Mirabel, Montreal, St Jerome and Ste Therese enter the league and Riviere du Loup and Sherbrooke has left the league

2010       Thetford Mines enter the league and Quebec and Victoriaville lheft the league

2011       Sherbrooke and Victoriaville ether the league

2012       No teams enter or left the league

2013      Ailes, Drummondvilleand Mirabel left the league

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