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Below are the 10 Major League Baseball players with the most saves in a career.

Player Name of the player
Saves Career saves
Years The years this player played in the major leagues
Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame
* Denotes pitcher who is still active
L Denotes pitcher who is left-handed

Regular season
Player Saves Years
Rivera, MarianoMariano Rivera 652 1995–2013
Hoffman, TrevorTrevor Hoffman 601 1993–2010
Lee Smith 478 1980–1997
Rodríguez, FranciscoFrancisco Rodríguez 437 2002–2017
Franco, JohnJohn FrancoL 424 1984–2005
Wagner, BillyBilly WagnerL 422 1995–2010
Dennis Eckersley 390 1975–1998
Craig Kimbrel* 380 2010–present
Nathan, JoeJoe Nathan 377 1999–2016
Papelbon, JonathanJonathan Papelbon 368 2005–2016

Updated through the 2021 season.