This is a list of no-hitters in Major League Baseball history. In addition, all no-hitters that were broken up in extra innings or were in shortened games are listed, although they are not currently considered official no-hitters. (Prior to 1991, a performance in which no hits were surrendered through nine innings or in a shortened game was considered an official no-hit game.) The names of those pitchers who threw perfect games are in bold type. For combined no-hitters by two or more pitchers on the same team, each is listed with his number of innings pitched. Games which were part of a doubleheader are noted as either the first game or second game.

An official no-hit game occurs when a pitcher (or pitchers) allows no hits during the entire course of a game, which consists of at least nine innings thrown by the pitcher(s). In a no-hit game, a batter may still reach base via a walk, an error, a fielder's choice, a hit by pitch, a passed ball or wild pitch on strike three, or catcher's interference.[1] Therefore, the games listed in the Near no-hitters section do not officially qualify as no-hitters by MLB rule.

Regulation no-hittersEdit

Date PitcherTeamRun supportOpponentRuns allowedLeagueNotes

1875 to 1899Edit

July 28, 1875Joe BordenPhiladelphia White Stockings4Chicago White Stockings0NANational Association not recognized as a "major" league by Major League Baseball
1July 15, 1876George BradleySt. Louis Brown Stockings2Hartford Dark Blues0NL
2June 12, 1880Lee RichmondWorcester Ruby Legs1Cleveland Blues0NLPerfect game
3June 17, 1880John Montgomery WardProvidence Grays5Buffalo Bisons0NLPerfect game
4August 19, 1880Larry Corcoran (1)Chicago White Stockings6Boston Red Caps0NL
5August 20, 1880Pud Galvin (1)Buffalo Bisons1Worcester Ruby Legs0NL
6September 11, 1882Tony MullaneLouisville Eclipse2Cincinnati Red Stockings0AA
7September 19, 1882Guy HeckerLouisville Eclipse3Pittsburgh Alleghenys1AA
8September 20, 1882Larry Corcoran (2)Chicago White Stockings5Worcester Ruby Legs0NL
9July 25, 1883Charles RadbournProvidence Grays8Cleveland Blues0NL
10September 13, 1883Hugh DailyCleveland Blues1Philadelphia Phillies0NL
11May 24, 1884Al Atkinson (1)Philadelphia Athletics10Pittsburgh Alleghenys1AA
12May 29, 1884Ed MorrisColumbus Buckeyes5Pittsburgh Alleghenys0AA
13June 5, 1884Frank MountainColumbus Buckeyes12Washington Nationals0AA
14June 27, 1884Larry Corcoran (3)Chicago White Stockings6Providence Grays0NL
15August 4, 1884Pud Galvin (2)Buffalo Bisons18Detroit Wolverines0NL
16August 26, 1884Dick BurnsCincinnati Outlaw Reds3Kansas City Unions1UA
17September 28, 1884Ed CushmanMilwaukee Brewers5Washington Nationals0UA
18October 4, 1884Sam KimberBrooklyn Atlantics0Toledo Blue Stockings0AA10 innings
19July 27, 1885John ClarksonChicago White Stockings4Providence Grays0NL
20August 29, 1885Charles J. FergusonPhiladelphia Phillies1Providence Grays0NL
21May 1, 1886Al Atkinson (2)Philadelphia Athletics3New York Metropolitans2AA
22July 24, 1886Adonis Terry (1)Brooklyn Grays1St. Louis Browns0AA
23October 6, 1886Matt KilroyBaltimore Orioles6Pittsburgh Alleghenys0AA
24May 27, 1888Adonis Terry (2)Brooklyn Bridegrooms4Louisville Colonels0AA
25June 6, 1888Henry PorterKansas City Cowboys4Baltimore Orioles0AA
26July 26, 1888Ed SewardPhiladelphia Athletics12Cincinnati Red Stockings2AA
27July 31, 1888Gus WeyhingPhiladelphia Athletics4Kansas City Cowboys0AA
28September 15, 1890Cannonball TitcombRochester Broncos7Syracuse Stars0AA
29June 22, 1891Tom LovettBrooklyn Grooms4New York Giants0NL
30July 31, 1891Amos RusieNew York Giants6Brooklyn Grooms0NL
31October 4, 1891
(first game)
Ted Breitenstein (1)St. Louis Browns8Louisville Colonels0AAFirst career start
Clubs' final day (but not final game) of season
32August 6, 1892Jack StivettsBoston Beaneaters11Brooklyn Grooms0NL
33August 22, 1892Ben SandersLouisville Colonels6Baltimore Orioles2NL
34October 15, 1892Bumpus JonesCincinnati Reds7Pittsburgh Pirates1NLFirst career game
35August 16, 1893Bill HawkeBaltimore Orioles5Washington Senators0NLFirst no-hitter at modern pitching distance of 60'6"
36September 18, 1897
(first game)
Cy Young (1)Cleveland Spiders6Cincinnati Reds0NL
37April 22, 1898Ted Breitenstein (2)Cincinnati Reds11Pittsburgh Pirates0NLSame day
38April 22, 1898Jay HughesBaltimore Orioles8Boston Beaneaters0NL
39July 8, 1898Red DonahuePhiladelphia Phillies5Boston Beaneaters0NL
40August 21, 1898
(second game)
Walter ThorntonChicago Orphans2Brooklyn Bridegrooms0NL
41May 25, 1899Deacon PhillippeLouisville Colonels7New York Giants0NL
42August 7, 1899Vic WillisBoston Beaneaters7Washington Senators1NL

1900 to 1924Edit

43July 12, 1900Noodles HahnCincinnati Reds4Philadelphia Phillies0NL
44July 15, 1901Christy Mathewson (1)New York Giants5St. Louis Cardinals0NL
45September 20, 1902
(first game)
Nixey CallahanChicago White Sox3Detroit Tigers0AL
46September 18, 1903
(second game)
Chick FraserPhiladelphia Phillies10Chicago Cubs0NL
47May 5, 1904Cy Young (2)Boston Americans3Philadelphia Athletics0ALPerfect game
48August 17, 1904Jesse TannehillBoston Americans6Chicago White Sox0AL
49June 13, 1905Christy Mathewson (2)New York Giants1Chicago Cubs0NL
50July 22, 1905
(first game)
Weldon HenleyPhiladelphia Athletics6St. Louis Browns0AL
51September 6, 1905
(second game)
Frank Smith (1)Chicago White Sox15Detroit Tigers0AL
52September 27, 1905
(first game)
Bill DinneenBoston Americans2Chicago White Sox0AL
53May 1, 1906Johnny LushPhiladelphia Phillies6Brooklyn Superbas0NL
54July 20, 1906Mal EasonBrooklyn Superbas2St. Louis Cardinals0NL
55May 8, 1907Big Jeff PfefferBoston Doves6Cincinnati Reds0NL
56September 20, 1907Nick MaddoxPittsburgh Pirates2Brooklyn Superbas1NL
57June 30, 1908Cy Young (3)Boston Red Sox8New York Highlanders0AL
58July 4, 1908
(first game)
Hooks WiltseNew York Giants1Philadelphia Phillies0NL10 innings
59September 5, 1908
(second game)
Nap RuckerBrooklyn Superbas6Boston Doves0NL
60September 18, 1908Bob RhoadsCleveland Naps2Boston Red Sox1AL
61September 20, 1908Frank Smith (2)Chicago White Sox1Philadelphia Athletics0AL
62October 2, 1908Addie Joss (1)Cleveland Naps1Chicago White Sox0ALPerfect game
63April 20, 1910Addie Joss (2)Cleveland Naps1Chicago White Sox0AL
64May 12, 1910Chief BenderPhiladelphia Athletics4Cleveland Naps0AL
65July 29, 1911
(first game)
Smoky Joe WoodBoston Red Sox5St. Louis Browns0AL
66August 27, 1911Ed WalshChicago White Sox5Boston Red Sox0AL
67July 4, 1912
(second game)
George MullinDetroit Tigers7St. Louis Browns0AL
68August 30, 1912Earl HamiltonSt. Louis Browns5Detroit Tigers1AL
69September 6, 1912
(first game)
Jeff TesreauNew York Giants3Philadelphia Phillies0NL
70May 31, 1914Joe BenzChicago White Sox6Cleveland Naps1AL
71September 9, 1914
(second game)
George DavisBoston Braves7Philadelphia Phillies0NL
72September 19, 1914 Ed LafitteBrooklyn Tip-Tops6Kansas City Packers2FL
73April 15, 1915Rube MarquardNew York Giants2Brooklyn Robins0NL
74August 31, 1915
(first game)
Jimmy LavenderChicago Cubs2New York Giants0NL
75June 16, 1916Tom HughesBoston Braves2 Pittsburgh Pirates0NL
76June 21, 1916Rube FosterBoston Red Sox2New York Yankees0AL
77August 26, 1916Bullet Joe BushPhiladelphia Athletics5Cleveland Indians0AL
78August 30, 1916Dutch Leonard (1)Boston Red Sox4St. Louis Browns0AL
79April 14, 1917Eddie CicotteChicago White Sox11St. Louis Browns0AL
80April 24, 1917George MogridgeNew York Yankees2Boston Red Sox1AL
81May 2, 1917Fred ToneyCincinnati Reds1Chicago Cubs0NL10 innings
See Double No-Hitter below
82May 5, 1917Ernie KoobSt. Louis Browns1Chicago White Sox0AL
83May 6, 1917
(second game)
Bob GroomSt. Louis Browns3Chicago White Sox0ALSame teams, same park, next day (but not the next game)
84June 23, 1917
(first game)
Babe Ruth (0 inn.)Boston Red Sox4Washington Senators0ALSee Ernie Shore for a description of the unusual events of this game
Ernie Shore (9 inn.)
85June 3, 1918Dutch Leonard (2)Boston Red Sox5Detroit Tigers0AL
86May 11, 1919Hod EllerCincinnati Reds6St. Louis Cardinals0NL
87September 10, 1919
(first game)
Ray CaldwellCleveland Indians3New York Yankees0AL
88July 1, 1920Walter JohnsonWashington Senators1Boston Red Sox0AL
89 April 30, 1922Charlie RobertsonChicago White Sox2Detroit Tigers0ALPerfect game
90May 7, 1922Jesse BarnesNew York Giants6Philadelphia Phillies0NL
91September 4, 1923Sad Sam JonesNew York Yankees2Philadelphia Athletics0AL
92September 7, 1923Howard EhmkeBoston Red Sox4Philadelphia Athletics0AL
93July 17, 1924Jesse HainesSt. Louis Cardinals5Boston Braves0NL

1925 to 1949Edit

94September 13, 1925
(first game)
Dazzy VanceBrooklyn Robins10Philadelphia Phillies1NL
95August 21, 1926Ted LyonsChicago White Sox6Boston Red Sox0AL
96May 8, 1929Carl HubbellNew York Giants11Pittsburgh Pirates0NL
97April 29, 1931Wes FerrellCleveland Indians9St. Louis Browns0ALAlso hit home run
98August 8, 1931Bobby BurkeWashington Senators5Boston Red Sox0AL
99September 21, 1934
(second game)
Paul DeanSt. Louis Cardinals3Brooklyn Dodgers0NL
100August 31, 1935Vern KennedyChicago White Sox5Cleveland Indians0AL
101June 1, 1937Bill DietrichChicago White Sox8St. Louis Browns0AL
102June 11, 1938Johnny Vander Meer (1)Cincinnati Reds3Boston Braves0NLBack-to-back starts
103June 15, 1938Johnny Vander Meer (2)Cincinnati Reds6Brooklyn Dodgers0NL
104August 27, 1938
(second game)
Monte PearsonNew York Yankees13Cleveland Indians0AL
105April 16, 1940Bob Feller (1)Cleveland Indians1Chicago White Sox0ALOpening Day
106April 30, 1940Tex CarletonBrooklyn Dodgers3Cincinnati Reds0NL
107August 30, 1941Lon WarnekeSt. Louis Cardinals2Cincinnati Reds0NL
108April 27, 1944Jim TobinBoston Braves2Brooklyn Dodgers0NL
109May 15, 1944Clyde ShounCincinnati Reds1Boston Braves0NL
110September 9, 1945
(second game)
Dick FowlerPhiladelphia Athletics1St. Louis Browns0AL
111April 23, 1946Ed HeadBrooklyn Dodgers5Boston Braves0NL
112April 30, 1946Bob Feller (2)Cleveland Indians1New York Yankees0AL
113June 18, 1947Ewell BlackwellCincinnati Reds6Boston Braves0NL
114July 10, 1947
(first game)
Don BlackCleveland Indians3Philadelphia Athletics0AL
115September 3, 1947Bill McCahanPhiladelphia Athletics3Washington Senators0AL
116June 30, 1948Bob LemonCleveland Indians2Detroit Tigers0AL
117September 9, 1948Rex BarneyBrooklyn Dodgers2New York Giants0NL

1950 to 1974Edit

118August 11, 1950Vern BickfordBoston Braves7Brooklyn Dodgers0NL
119May 6, 1951
(second game)
Cliff ChambersPittsburgh Pirates3Boston Braves0NL
120July 1, 1951
(first game)
Bob Feller (3)Cleveland Indians2Detroit Tigers1AL
121July 12, 1951Allie Reynolds (1)New York Yankees1Cleveland Indians0AL
122September 28, 1951
(first game)
Allie Reynolds (2)New York Yankees8Boston Red Sox0AL
123June 19, 1952Carl Erskine (1)Brooklyn Dodgers5Chicago Cubs0NL
124May 15, 1952Virgil Trucks (1)Detroit Tigers1Washington Senators0AL
125August 25, 1952Virgil Trucks (2)Detroit Tigers1New York Yankees0ALTrucks pitched two no-hitters in 1952 and still went 5-19
126May 6, 1953Bobo HollomanSt. Louis Browns6Philadelphia Athletics0ALFirst major league start
127June 12, 1954Jim WilsonMilwaukee Braves2Philadelphia Phillies0NL
128May 12, 1955Sam JonesChicago Cubs4Pittsburgh Pirates0NLFirst no-hitter by a black pitcher
129May 12, 1956Carl Erskine (2)Brooklyn Dodgers3New York Giants0NL
130July 14, 1956Mel ParnellBoston Red Sox4Chicago White Sox0AL
131September 25, 1956Sal MaglieBrooklyn Dodgers5Philadelphia Phillies0NL
132October 8, 1956Don LarsenNew York Yankees (AL)2Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)0WSPerfect game. Game 5 of the 1956 World Series
133August 20, 1957
(second game)
Bob KeeganChicago White Sox6Washington Senators0AL
134July 20, 1958
(first game)
Jim Bunning (1)Detroit Tigers3Boston Red Sox0AL
135September 20, 1958Hoyt WilhelmBaltimore Orioles1New York Yankees0AL
136May 15, 1960
(second game)
Don CardwellChicago Cubs4St. Louis Cardinals0NLFirst start after being traded by Cardinals to Cubs
137August 18, 1960Lew BurdetteMilwaukee Braves1Philadelphia Phillies0NL
138September 16, 1960Warren Spahn (1)Milwaukee Braves4Philadelphia Phillies0NL
139April 28, 1961Warren Spahn (2)Milwaukee Braves1San Francisco Giants0NL
140May 5, 1962Bo BelinskyLos Angeles Angels2Baltimore Orioles0AL
141June 30, 1962 Sandy Koufax (1)Los Angeles Dodgers5New York Mets0NL
142June 26, 1962Earl WilsonBoston Red Sox2Los Angeles Angels0ALAlso hit home run
143August 1, 1962Bill MonbouquetteBoston Red Sox1Chicago White Sox0AL
144August 26, 1962Jack KralickMinnesota Twins1Kansas City Athletics0AL
145May 11, 1963Sandy Koufax (2)Los Angeles Dodgers8San Francisco Giants0NL
146May 17, 1963Don NottebartHouston Colt .45s4Philadelphia Phillies1NL
147June 15, 1963Juan MarichalSan Francisco Giants1Houston Colt .45s0NL
148April 23, 1964Ken JohnsonHouston Colt .45s0Cincinnati Reds1NL9-inning home loss
149June 4, 1964Sandy Koufax (3)Los Angeles Dodgers3Philadelphia Phillies0NL
150June 21, 1964
(first game)
Jim Bunning (2)Philadelphia Phillies6New York Mets0NLPerfect game
151August 19, 1965Jim Maloney (1)Cincinnati Reds1Chicago Cubs0NL10 innings
152September 9, 1965Sandy Koufax (4)Los Angeles Dodgers1Chicago Cubs0NLPerfect game; Dodgers held to just 1 hit
153September 16, 1965Dave MoreheadBoston Red Sox2Cleveland Indians0AL
154June 10, 1966Sonny SiebertCleveland Indians2Washington Senators0AL
155April 30, 1967
(first game)
Steve Barber (8 2/3 inn.)Baltimore Orioles1Detroit Tigers2AL9-inning home loss
Stu Miller (1/3 inn.)
156June 18, 1967Don Wilson (1)Houston Astros2Atlanta Braves0NL
157August 25, 1967
(second game)
Dean ChanceMinnesota Twins2Cleveland Indians1AL
158September 10, 1967
(first game)
Joe HorlenChicago White Sox6Detroit Tigers0AL
159April 27, 1968Tom PhoebusBaltimore Orioles6Boston Red Sox0AL
160May 8, 1968Catfish HunterOakland Athletics4Minnesota Twins0ALPerfect game
161July 29, 1968
(second game)
George CulverCincinnati Reds6Philadelphia Phillies1NL
162September 17, 1968Gaylord PerrySan Francisco Giants1St. Louis Cardinals0NL
163September 18, 1968Ray WashburnSt. Louis Cardinals2San Francisco Giants0NL
164April 17, 1969Bill Stoneman (1)Montreal Expos7Philadelphia Phillies0NLStoneman's fifth career start; ninth game in Expos franchise history
165April 30, 1969Jim Maloney (2)Cincinnati Reds10Houston Astros0NLSame Teams, Same Ballpark, A 2-game series
166May 1, 1969Don Wilson (2)Houston Astros4Cincinnati Reds0NL
167August 13, 1969Jim PalmerBaltimore Orioles8Oakland Athletics0AL
168August 19, 1969Ken Holtzman (1)Chicago Cubs3Atlanta Braves0NL
169September 20, 1969Bob MoosePittsburgh Pirates4New York Mets0NL
170June 12, 1970
(first game)
Dock EllisPittsburgh Pirates2San Diego Padres0NL
171July 3, 1970Clyde WrightCalifornia Angels4Oakland Athletics0AL
172July 20, 1970Bill SingerLos Angeles Dodgers5Philadelphia Phillies0NL
173September 21, 1970Vida Blue (1)Oakland Athletics6Minnesota Twins0AL
174June 3, 1971Ken Holtzman (2)Chicago Cubs1Cincinnati Reds0NL
175June 23, 1971Rick WisePhiladelphia Phillies4Cincinnati Reds0NLAlso hit 2 home runs
176August 14, 1971Bob GibsonSt. Louis Cardinals11Pittsburgh Pirates0NL
177April 16, 1972Burt HootonChicago Cubs4Philadelphia Phillies0NL
178September 2, 1972Milt PappasChicago Cubs8San Diego Padres0NLWalk with 2 outs in 9th inning only baserunner of game for Padres
179October 2, 1972
(first game)
Bill Stoneman (2)Montreal Expos7New York Mets0NL
180April 27, 1973Steve Busby (1)Kansas City Royals3Detroit Tigers0AL
181May 15, 1973Nolan Ryan (1)California Angels3Kansas City Royals0AL
182July 15, 1973Nolan Ryan (2)California Angels6Detroit Tigers0AL
183July 30, 1973Jim BibbyTexas Rangers6Oakland Athletics0AL
184August 5, 1973Phil NiekroAtlanta Braves9San Diego Padres0NL
185June 19, 1974Steve Busby (2)Kansas City Royals2Milwaukee Brewers0AL
186July 19, 1974Dick BosmanCleveland Indians4Oakland Athletics0AL
187September 28, 1974Nolan Ryan (3)California Angels4Minnesota Twins0AL

1975 to 1999Edit

188June 1, 1975Nolan Ryan (4)California Angels1Baltimore Orioles0AL
189August 24, 1975
(second game)
Ed HalickiSan Francisco Giants6New York Mets0NL
190September 28, 1975Vida Blue (2) (5 inn.)Oakland Athletics5California Angels0AL
Glenn Abbott (1 inn.)
Paul Lindblad (1 inn.)
Rollie Fingers (2 inn.)
191July 9, 1976Larry DierkerHouston Astros6Montreal Expos0NL
192July 28, 1976Blue Moon Odom (5 inn.)Chicago White Sox2Oakland Athletics1AL
Francisco Barrios (4 inn.)
193August 9, 1976John CandelariaPittsburgh Pirates2Los Angeles Dodgers0NL
194September 29, 1976John MontefuscoSan Francisco Giants9Atlanta Braves0NL
195May 14, 1977Jim ColbornKansas City Royals6Texas Rangers0AL
196May 30, 1977Dennis EckersleyCleveland Indians1California Angels0AL
197September 22, 1977Bert BlylevenTexas Rangers6California Angels0AL
198April 16, 1978Bob Forsch (1)St. Louis Cardinals5Philadelphia Phillies0NL
199June 16, 1978Tom SeaverCincinnati Reds4St. Louis Cardinals0NL
200April 7, 1979Ken ForschHouston Astros6Atlanta Braves0NL
201June 27, 1980Jerry ReussLos Angeles Dodgers8San Francisco Giants0NL
202May 10, 1981
(second game)
Charlie LeaMontreal Expos4San Francisco Giants0NL
203May 15, 1981Len BarkerCleveland Indians3Toronto Blue Jays0ALPerfect game
204September 26, 1981Nolan Ryan (5)Houston Astros5Los Angeles Dodgers0NL
205July 4, 1983Dave RighettiNew York Yankees4Boston Red Sox0AL
206September 26, 1983Bob Forsch (2)St. Louis Cardinals3Montreal Expos0NL
207September 29, 1983Mike WarrenOakland Athletics3Chicago White Sox0AL
208April 7, 1984Jack MorrisDetroit Tigers4Chicago White Sox0AL
209September 30, 1984Mike Witt (1)California Angels1Texas Rangers0ALPerfect game
210September 19, 1986Joe CowleyChicago White Sox7California Angels1AL
211September 25, 1986Mike ScottHouston Astros2San Francisco Giants0NLHouston clinched NL West title
212April 15, 1987Juan NievesMilwaukee Brewers7Baltimore Orioles0AL
213September 16, 1988Tom BrowningCincinnati Reds1Los Angeles Dodgers0NLPerfect game
214April 11, 1990Mark Langston (7 inn.)California Angels1Seattle Mariners0AL
Mike Witt (2) (2 inn.)
215June 2, 1990Randy Johnson (1)Seattle Mariners2Detroit Tigers0AL
216June 11, 1990Nolan Ryan (6)Texas Rangers5Oakland Athletics0AL
217June 29, 1990Dave StewartOakland Athletics5Toronto Blue Jays0ALSame day
218June 29, 1990Fernando ValenzuelaLos Angeles Dodgers6St. Louis Cardinals0NL
219August 15, 1990Terry MulhollandPhiladelphia Phillies6San Francisco Giants0NLMulholland essentially pitched flawlessly. The only baserunner he allowed came on an error by third baseman Charlie Hayes, and Mulholland retired the baserunner with a double play. Hayes redeemed himself by making a spectacular catch on Gary Carter's line drive to end the game, preserving the no-hitter. Mulholland faced the minimum 27 batters in the victory.
220September 2, 1990Dave StiebToronto Blue Jays3Cleveland Indians0ALStieb finally threw a no-hitter after three near-misses. In two consecutive starts in 1988, he gave up a hit with two outs in the ninth inning. In 1989, he gave up a double with two outs in the ninth inning on what would have been a perfect game against the Yankees.
221May 1, 1991Nolan Ryan (7)Texas Rangers3Toronto Blue Jays0AL
222May 23, 1991Tommy GreenePhiladelphia Phillies2Montreal Expos0NL
223July 13, 1991Bob Milacki (6 inn.)Baltimore Orioles2Oakland Athletics0AL
Mike Flanagan (1 inn.)
Mark Williamson (1 inn.)
Gregg Olson (1 inn.)
224July 28, 1991Dennis MartínezMontreal Expos2Los Angeles Dodgers0NLPerfect game
225August 11, 1991Wilson AlvarezChicago White Sox7Baltimore Orioles0ALSecond career start; second career game
226August 26, 1991Bret SaberhagenKansas City Royals7Chicago White Sox0AL
227September 11, 1991Kent Mercker (1) (6 inn.) Atlanta Braves1San Diego Padres0NL
Mark Wohlers (2 inn.)
Alejandro Pena (1 inn.)
228August 17, 1992Kevin GrossLos Angeles Dodgers2San Francisco Giants0NL
229April 22, 1993Chris BosioSeattle Mariners2Boston Red Sox0AL
230September 4, 1993Jim AbbottNew York Yankees4Cleveland Indians0ALThrew no-hitter despite having been born without a right hand
231September 8, 1993Darryl KileHouston Astros7New York Mets1NL
232April 8, 1994Kent Mercker (2)Atlanta Braves6Los Angeles Dodgers0NL
233April 27, 1994Scott EricksonMinnesota Twins6Milwaukee Brewers0AL
234July 28, 1994Kenny RogersTexas Rangers4California Angels0ALPerfect game
235July 14, 1995Ramón MartínezLos Angeles Dodgers7Florida Marlins0NL
236May 11, 1996Al LeiterFlorida Marlins11Colorado Rockies0NL
237May 14, 1996Dwight GoodenNew York Yankees2Seattle Mariners0AL
238September 17, 1996Hideo Nomo (1)Los Angeles Dodgers9Colorado Rockies0NL
239June 10, 1997Kevin BrownFlorida Marlins9San Francisco Giants0NL
240July 12, 1997 Francisco Cordova (9 inn.)Pittsburgh Pirates3Houston Astros0NL10 innings
Ricardo Rincon (1 inn.)
241May 17, 1998David WellsNew York Yankees4Minnesota Twins0ALPerfect game
242June 25, 1999José JiménezSt. Louis Cardinals1Arizona Diamondbacks0NL
243July 18, 1999David ConeNew York Yankees (AL) 6Montreal Expos (NL) 0InterPerfect game
244September 11, 1999Eric MiltonMinnesota Twins7Anaheim Angels0AL

2000 to PresentEdit

245April 4, 2001Hideo Nomo (2)Boston Red Sox3Baltimore Orioles0AL
246May 12, 2001A.J. BurnettFlorida Marlins3San Diego Padres0NL
247September 3, 2001Bud SmithSt. Louis Cardinals4San Diego Padres0NL
248April 27, 2002Derek LoweBoston Red Sox10Tampa Bay Devil Rays0AL
249April 27, 2003Kevin MillwoodPhiladelphia Phillies1San Francisco Giants0NL
250June 11, 2003Roy Oswalt (1 inn.) Houston Astros (NL)8New York Yankees (AL) 0Inter Most pitchers used in a combined no-hitter
Peter Munro (2 2/3 inn.)
Kirk Saarloos (1 1/3 inn.)
Brad Lidge (2 inn.)
Octavio Dotel (1 inn.)
Billy Wagner (1 inn.)
251May 18, 2004Randy Johnson (2)Arizona Diamondbacks2Atlanta Braves0NLPerfect game. Previous no-hitter almost fourteen years earlier.
252September 6, 2006Aníbal SánchezFlorida Marlins2Arizona Diamondbacks0NL
253April 18, 2007Mark BuehrleChicago White Sox6Texas Rangers0ALMark Buehrle walked former White Sox Sammy Sosa, but picked him off at first base.
254June 12, 2007Justin VerlanderDetroit Tigers (AL)4Milwaukee Brewers (NL)0Inter
255September 1, 2007Clay BuchholzBoston Red Sox10Baltimore Orioles0ALSecond career start; second career game
256May 19, 2008Jon LesterBoston Red Sox7Kansas City Royals0AL First time since 1974 with the California Angels that one team had the last two no hitters in the majors.
257September 14, 2008Carlos ZambranoChicago Cubs5Houston Astros0NLPlayed at neutral site Miller Park in Milwaukee because of Hurricane Ike moving through Houston, making it the first no-hitter in major league history pitched at a neutral site.
League Key: NL - National League; AL - American League; FL - Federal League; PL - Players League; UA - Union Association; AA - American Association; NA - National Association; WS - World Series; Inter - Interleague Play

Near no-hittersEdit

Regulation games in which a pitcher or staff pitches less than nine full innings, or in which a hit is allowed in extra innings, do not qualify as no-hitters. There are several circumstances in which that can occur:

Regulation no-hit losses ending in the middle of the ninthEdit

Because the home team does not bat in the ninth inning when it is already leading, a visiting pitcher (or pitchers) may complete a full game without allowing a hit but not be credited with an official no-hitter because they pitched only 8 innings. This has happened four times in major-league history; three times in the modern era. [2][3]

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Shortened gamesEdit

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Nine-inning no-hitters broken up in extra inningsEdit

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