The New York Gorhams (also known as the New York Big Gorhams were a top eastern black team in the pre-league Negro Leagues era. They played in the League of Colored Baseball Clubs in 1887 under the management of Ben Butler. In 1889 the team played in the Middle States League as a representative of Easton, PA. Sol White was the club's second baseman. The Gorhams beat the Cuban Giants 2 games to 0 for the rights to claim being the top black team in the east. The Gorhams went 45-28 and finished third in the Middle States League; White hit .324. Frank Grant joined as the shortstop in 1891 and George Stovey came in to pitch. The club briefly represented Ansonia, CT in the Connecticut State League before the loop folded in June. Grant and White combined to hit 11 off 29 in CSL games. The Gorhams folded in 1892.

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