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The slurve is a pitch in which the pitcher throws a slider as if they were throwing a curve ball.[1] The term is derived from a portmanteau of "slider" and "curve".


The first utilized slurve pitch is unknown. Johnny Sain of the Boston Braves was known to throw a slurve in the 1940's.[2] On May 6, 1998 Kerry Wood of the Chicago Cubs utilized the slurve in major-league record tying twenty strikeout game.[3]

Concerns in pitching[]

Critics of the slurve call the pitch a sloppy slider because of its wide break. They claim that the slurve produces more home runs than a late breaking slider.[1] The usefulness of the slurve is debated. The slurve is also claimed to cause problems to a pitcher. In 1998 Kerry Wood claimed his elbow soreness was caused by throwing the slurve.[3]

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