The Society for American Baseball Research was established in Cooperstown, New York, in August of 1971. The Society's mission is to foster the research and dissemination of the history and record of baseball while generating interest in the game. Bob Davids established the organization, and the 1st meeting included sixteen pioneer members (including Davids) and one observer.

SABR, which is pronounced "saber" and whose acronym led to the creation of the word sabermetrics (the usage of mathematical tools to analyze baseball), is about much more than statistics. Members include not only "sabermetricians" Bill James (perhaps the best known SABR member to the general public) and Rob Neyer but also other people active in the baseball world such as Keith Olbermann, Roland Hemond and Bob Costas. Jeff Bajenaru is believed to be the only active player with a SABR membership; Elden Auker, Larry Dierker and Andy Seminick also have been involved. Some of the more noted members include SABR founder Bob Davids (deceased), Bob McConnell (researcher-deluxe), Cliff Kachline (historian) (died 6/28/2010), Pete Palmer (encyclopedist), Art Schott (historian), Dave Smith (retrosheet), Dave Vincent (home run log), Larry Lester (Negro Leagues), Bill Carle (Biographical Committee), Frank Phelps (Bibliographical Committee) (died 1/4/2010), Lyle Spatz (Records Committee), and David Nemec (prolific author). Marc Appleman is currently Executive Director.

Only a minority of members pursue "number crunching" research. Rather, SABR offers a community of fans organized in two ways. Research Committees study a particular issue. Regional Chapters are for members in geographic proximity. They are frequently named after baseball personalities relevant to the region.

SABR members also keep in touch through online directories and listservs set up through the central SABR office, which is based in Cleveland, Ohio. The central office also maintains a number of research tools on its website, including a lending library, home run and triple play logs, and course syllabi related to the game.

SABR offers an annual convention to its members at a different site each year. The conference generally includes panel discussions, research presentations, city-specific tourism, a ballgame and an awards banquet. It also sponsors a literary conference in Cleveland and a Negro Leagues conference, held in a different location each year. Over 600 members and guests attend every national convention.

The 2006 convention was held in Seattle, Washington from with former Major League Baseball pitcher and author Jim Bouton as the keynote speaker. The 2007 convention was held in St. Louis, Missouri and featured Joe Garagiola as the luncheon speaker. The 2008 convention was held in Cleveland, Ohio and featured Mark Shapiro as the luncheon speaker. The 2009 convention was held at Washington D.C. and featured MLB lobbyist Josh Alkin as the luncheon speaker. The 2010 Convention (SABR-40) will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from August 5-8, 2010.

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