Address or Location
Coordinates {{{coordinates}}}
Locale {{{locale}}}
School number {{{schoolnumber}}}
School number {{{Number}}}
School board {{{schoolboard}}}
School district {{{district}}}
Authority {{{authority}}}
Authority {{{educational authority}}}
Religion {{{religion}}}
Denomination {{{denomination}}}
Category {{{category}}}
Oversight {{{oversight}}}
Affiliation(s) {{{affiliation}}}
Affiliations {{{affiliations}}}
Authorizer {{{authorizer}}}
Superintendent {{{superintendent}}}
Area trustee {{{trustee}}}
Founder {{{founder}}}
Specialist {{{specialist}}}
Session {{{session}}}
President {{{president}}}
Head of school {{{head of school}}}
Headteacher {{{headteacher}}}
Head teacher {{{head teacher}}}
Executive headteacher {{{executive_headteacher}}}
Acting headteacher {{{acting_headteacher}}}
Headmistress {{{headmistress}}}
Headmaster {{{headmaster}}}
Head teacher {{{head}}}
{{{rel_head_name}}} {{{rel_head}}}
{{{head_name2}}} {{{head2}}}
{{{r_head_label}}} {{{r_head}}}
Chair {{{chair}}}
Chairman {{{chairman}}}
Chairperson {{{chairperson}}}
Principal {{{principal}}}
Principal {{{principal1}}}
Principal {{{principal2}}}
Principal {{{principal3}}}
Principal {{{principal4}}}
Vice principal {{{viceprincipal}}}
Vice principal {{{viceprincipal1}}}
Vice principal {{{viceprincipal2}}}
Vice principal {{{viceprincipal3}}}
Vice principal {{{viceprincipal4}}}
Asst. Principal {{{asst principal}}}
Assistant principals {{{assistant_principals}}}
Campus Director {{{campus director}}}
Dean {{{dean}}}
Administrator {{{administrator}}}
Rector {{{rector}}}
Chaplain {{{chaplain}}}
Director {{{director}}}
Chief custodian {{{custodian}}}
Staff {{{staff}}}
Staff {{{number of staff}}}


Students {{{students}}}
Sixth Form Students
Pupils {{{pupils}}}
Pupils {{{number of pupils}}}
Kindergarten {{{gradeK}}}
Grade 1 {{{grade1}}}
Grade 2 {{{grade2}}}
Grade 3 {{{grade3}}}
Grade 4 {{{grade4}}}
Grade 5 {{{grade5}}}
Grade 6 {{{grade6}}}
Grade 7 {{{grade7}}}
Grade 8 {{{grade8}}}
Grade 9 {{{grade9}}}
Grade 10 {{{grade10}}}
Grade 11 {{{grade11}}}
Grade 12 {{{grade12}}}
Grade 13 {{{grade13}}}
Other {{{other}}}
other_grade_label {{{other_grade_enrollment}}}
other_grade_label_1 {{{other_grade_enrollment_1}}}
other_grade_label_2 {{{other_grade_enrollment_2}}}
Employees {{{employees}}}
Employees {{{num_employ}}}
Key people {{{key_people}}}
USNWR ranking {{{ranking}}}
Bar pass rate {{{bar pass rate}}}
Faculty {{{faculty}}}
School roll {{{roll}}}
Socio-economic decile {{{decile}}}
Ministry of Education Institution no. {{{MOE}}}
CEEB Code {{{ceeb}}}
MOE Code {{{school code}}}
LEA {{{LEA}}}
Ofsted number {{{ofsted}}}
{{{testname}}} Average {{{testaverage}}}
National ranking {{{National_rankingational_ranking}}}
Classes {{{classes}}}
Classes offered {{{Classes offered}}}
Average class size {{{avg_class_size}}}
Average class size {{{class}}}
Student:teacher ratio {{{ratio}}}
Average SAT scores {{{SAT}}}
Average ACT scores {{{ACT}}}
Graduates {{{graduates}}}
Gender {{{gender}}}
Age {{{lower_age}}}+
Houses {{{houses}}}
Education System {{{system}}}
School fees {{{fees}}}
Annual tuition {{{annual tuition}}}
Tuition {{{tuition}}}
Revenue {{{revenue}}}
Endowment {{{endowment}}}
Budget {{{budget}}}
Enrolment {{{enrolment}}}
Key products {{{products}}}
Age range {{{age range}}}
Years Offered {{{years}}}
Years taught {{{years taught}}}
Years taught {{{nursery years taught}}}
Years taught {{{primary years taught}}}
Years taught {{{secondary years taught}}}
Grades {{{grades}}}
Schedule {{{schedule}}}
Medium of Language {{{medium of language}}}
Medium of Language {{{medium}}}
Language {{{language}}}
Classrooms {{{classrooms}}}
Area {{{area}}}
Campuses {{{campuses}}}
Campus {{{campus}}}
Campus {{{campus type}}}
Campus size {{{campus_size}}}
Campus size {{{campus size}}}
College Bound {{{campus_Bound}}}
Schedule type {{{schedtyp}}}
Hours in school day {{{Hours_in_Day}}}
Athletics {{{athletics}}}
Athletics conference {{{conference}}}
Slogan {{{slogan}}}
Song {{{song}}}
Fight song {{{fightsong}}}
Vision {{{vision}}}
Motto {{{motto}}}
Accreditation(s) {{{accreditations}}}
Rivals {{{rivals}}}
Mascot {{{mascot}}}
Sports {{{sports}}}
Patron saint(s) {{{patron}}}
Teams {{{teams}}}
Team name {{{teamname}}}
Team name {{{team name}}}
Nickname {{{nickname}}}
Color(s) {{{colors}}}
School Color(s) {{{schoolcolors}}}
School color(s) {{{school colors}}}
Yearbook {{{yearbook}}}
Publication {{{publication}}}
Newspaper {{{newspaper}}}
Opened {{{opened}}}
Founded {{{founded}}}
Established {{{established}}}
Status {{{status}}}
Closed {{{closed}}}
International students {{{International_Students}}}
Alumni {{{alumni}}}
Nobel laureates {{{nobel_laureates}}}
Communities served {{{communities}}}
Feeder schools {{{feeders}}}
Feeder schools {{{main feeder schools}}}
Feeder to {{{main feeder school for}}}
Information {{{information}}}
{{{free_label}}} {{{free}}}
{{{free_label1}}} {{{free_1}}}
{{{free_label2}}} {{{free_2}}}
{{{free_label3}}} {{{free_3}}}
{{{free_label4}}} {{{free_4}}}
{{{free_label5}}} {{{free_5}}}


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{{High School Infobox}} — An infobox about a school, other than a university or college. Examples include primary and secondary schools.


Parameter Explanation
bgcolor_section overrides background color of section title - default is lavender.
bgcolor_label overrides background color of label - default is #efefef
bgcolor_value overrides background color of field value - default is #f8f8ff
bgcolor_image overrides background color of image
bgcolor_motto overrides background color of motto
bgcolor_address overrides background color of address
bgcolor_url overrides background color of url


Parameter Explanation
name Name of the school. If left blank, the pagename will display.
native_name Name of the school in its native language, if different from its English name
latin_name Latin name of the school, if any
image Image file name with no wikimarkup, e.g. MySchool.jpg.
imagesize Image width in pixels, e.g. 200px
caption Caption for image
location Location, could include address; separate lines with <br />
streetaddress Street address in which the school is found. Causes the section heading to appear as "Address" instead of "Location"
region Region in which the school is found.
city City, town or village in which the school is found.
state State of in which the school is found.
province Province in which the school is found.
county County or Local Government Area in which the school is found.
postcode The school's postcode.
postalcode The school's postal code; alternative term for postcode
zipcode The school's zip code; alternative term for postcode
country Country, in ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 form, e.g. USA, GBR, AUS
country1 Country, in ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 form, e.g. USA, GBR, AUS
Useful for stating a semi-autonomous area and the mother country
coordinates Geographic coordinates. Use {{coord}}, with display=inline,title
schoolnumber Official number address of school
schoolboard Board the school comes under
district The school district of the school
authority Authority the school comes under
religion If a faith school, the religion of the school
denomination If a faith school, the denomination of the school
oversight Oversight the school comes under
affiliation Any of the school's affiliations
superintendent Superintendent of the school
trustee Area trustee of the school
founder Founder of the school
specialist Specialist of the school
president President of the school
head of school Head of the school
headteacher Head teacher of the school
executive_headteacher Executive Head teacher of the school
acting_headteacher Acting Head teacher of the school
head_label How the head of the school is referred to.
head The name of the current school head.
chairperson Chairperson of the school
principal Principal of the school
viceprincipal vice principal of the school
dean Dean of the school
administrator Administrator of the school
rector Rector of the school
chaplain Chaplain of the school
director Director of the school
custodian Custodian of the school
staff Number of staff
ranking The school's USNWR ranking in league tables
bar pass rate If a law school, the most recent bar pass rate in percent.
faculty Number of faculty of the school
teaching_staff Alternative term for faculty
roll The school roll
decile The Socio-economic decile of the school
MOE The Ministry of Education Institution number (for New Zealand and Singapore schools)
ceeb The school's CEEB code
school code The school's MOE code
LEA The school's Local Education Authority. This can also be found on the DfES website. (UK schools only)
ofsted The ofsted number of the school. Available from the ofsted website. (UK schools only)
testaverage Average test score
testname Name of the test in "testaverage"
National_ranking The school's national ranking
classes Number of classes in the school
classes offered Classes offered at the school
avg_class_size The average class size at the school
ratio The student:teacher ratio at the school
SAT Most recent SAT scores
ACT Most recent ACT scores
graduates Number graduates
year Year of aforementioned SAT/ACT scores / graduates
gender Gender of student at school
SAT Most recent SAT scores
lower_age The lowest age at which a pupil can enter the school.
upper_age The age at which students normally leave. Leave this undefined if there is no upper age limit, and the age field will be displayed as "{{{upper_age}}}+".
houses The names of any school houses the school might have. If the school has too many houses to fit into the infobox, give the number of houses with a link to the relevant section within the article (e.g. Uppingham School).
schooltype Type of school. If entered with funding type or type, will display as funding type, schooltype or type schooltype
fundingtype Funding type of school
type Type of school; overridden by fundingtype
system The education system the school follows
fees School fees
tuition School tuition
revenue School revenue
budget School budget
enrolment The total number of pupils and/or students at the school; alternative spelling for enrollment
products Any products the school produces
grades grade levels
age range Age range of students
medium Language that the school teaches in
language Language that the school teaches in
classrooms Number of classrooms in the school
campus The name or names of the school campus
campus size The size of the school campus
campus type urban, suburb, et cetera
Hours_in_Day Hours in the school day
athletics What type of athletics are held at the school
slogan The school's slogan
song Name of the school's song
fightsong Name of the school's fightsong
motto School motto
motto_translation English translation of the school motto, if needed
rival Any rival schools
mascot school mascot
sports Main sport(s) at the school
patron Patron saint of the school
team_name Names of any teams
nickname The school's nickname
Official school colours (all spellings are accepted)
yearbook Name of the school yearbook
publication Any publications that the school produces
newspaper Name of the school newspaper
established date of establishment/founding
opened date of establishment/founding
founded date of establishment/founding
status Status of the school, if open or not
closed date the school closed
reopened date the school reopened, if applicable
students total students
pupils total pupils
alumni Any notable alumni of the school
nobel_laureates Any notable Nobel laureates from the school
alternate name to use for students, use either
enrollment_as_of Year or Month Day Year
gradeK kindergarten enrollment
grade1 grade 1 enrollment
grade2 grade 2 enrollment
grade3 grade 3 enrollment
grade4 grade 4 enrollment
grade5 grade 5 enrollment
grade6 grade 6 enrollment
grade7 grade 7 enrollment
grade8 grade 8 enrollment
grade9 grade 9 enrollment
grade10 grade 10 enrollment
grade11 grade 11 enrollment
grade12 grade 12 enrollment
grade13 grade 13 enrollment
other_grade_label Other grade label
other Other grade enrollment
feeders Feeder schools
main feeder school for Feeder school for
free_label use for special requirements
free_text data for free_label
free_label2 use for special requirements
free_text2 data for free_label2
footnotes any footnotes
picture Picture of the school

Empty syntax

{{High School Infobox
|name              = 
|native_name       = 
|latin_name        = 
|image             = 
|imagesize         = 
|caption           = 
|location          = 
|streetaddress     = 
|region            = 
|city              = 
|state             = 
|province          = 
|county            = 
|postcode          = 
|postalcode        = 
|zipcode           = 
|country           = 
|country1          = 
|coordinates       = 
|schoolnumber      = 
|schoolboard       = 
|district          = 
|authority         = 
|religion          = 
|denomination      = 
|oversight         = 
|affiliation       = 
|superintendent    = 
|trustee           = 
|founder           = 
|specialist        = 
|president         = 
|head of school    = 
|headteacher       = 
|head_label        = 
|head              = 
|chairperson       = 
|principal         = 
|viceprincipal     = 
|dean              = 
|administrator     = 
|rector            = 
|chaplain          = 
|director          = 
|custodian         = 
|staff             = 
|ranking           = 
|bar pass rate     = 
|faculty           = 
|teaching_staff    = 
|roll              = 
|MOE               = 
|ceeb              = 
|school code       = 
|LEA               = 
|ofsted            = 
|testaverage       = 
|testname          = 
|national_ranking  = 
|classes           = 
|classes offered   = 
|avg_class_size    = 
|ratio             = 
|SAT               = 
|ACT               = 
|graduates         = 
|year              = 
|gender            = 
|lower_age         = 
|upper_age         = 
|houses            = 
|schooltype        = 
|fundingtype       = 
|type              = 
|system            = 
|fees              = 
|tuition           = 
|revenue           = 
|endowment         = 
|budget            = 
|enrolment         = 
|products          = 
|grades            = 
|age range         = 
|medium            = 
|language          = 
|classrooms        = 
|campus            = 
|campus size       = 
|campus type       = 
|Hours_in_Day      = 
|athletics         = 
|conference        = 
|slogan            = 
|song              = 
|fightsong         = 
|motto             = 
|accreditation     = 
|rival             = 
|mascot            = 
|mascot image      = 
|sports            = 
|patron            = 
|team_name         = 
|nickname          = 
|school_colours    = 
|school_colors     = 
|yearbook          = 
|publication       = 
|newspaper         = 
|opened            = 
|established       = 
|founded           = 
|status            = 
|closed            = 
|students          = 
|sixth_form_students = 
|pupils            = 
|alumni            = 
|nobel_laureates   = 
|enrollment        = 
|gradeK            = 
|grade1            = 
|grade2            = 
|grade3            = 
|grade4            = 
|grade5            = 
|grade6            = 
|grade7            = 
|grade8            = 
|grade9            = 
|grade10           = 
|grade11           = 
|grade12           = 
|grade13           = 
|other_grade_label = 
|other             = 
|communities       = 
|feeders           = 
|free_label        = 
|free_text         = 
|free_label1       = 
|free_text1        = 
|free_label2       = 
|free_text2        = 
|free_label3       = 
|free_text3        = 
|free_label4       = 
|free_text4        = 
|free_label5       = 
|free_text5        = 
|footnotes         = 
|picture           = 
|homepage          = 


George Washington Elementary
In God We Trust
100 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C.

Coordinates Template:Coord
School district District of Columbia Public Schools
Principal Abe Lincoln
Staff 35
Students 800
Faculty 70
Type Public
Grades K-12
Athletics Football, soccer, hockey
Mascot Uncle Sam
Color(s) Red, white, blue
Established 1776
Newspaper USA Today
{{High School Infobox
|name           = George Washington Elementary
|image          = George-Washington.jpg
|motto          = In God We Trust
|established    = [[1776]]
|type           = [[Public school|Public]]
|affiliation    = 
|district       = [[District of Columbia Public Schools]]
|grades         = K-12
|president      = 
|principal      = Abe Lincoln
|head of school = 
|dean           = 
|faculty        = 70
|staff          = 35
|students       = 800
|enrollment     = 
|athletics      = Football, soccer, hockey
|conference     = 
|colors         = Red, white, blue
|mascot         = Uncle Sam
|free_label     = Newspaper
|free_text      = ''USA Today''
|free_label2    = 
|free_text2     = 
|location       = 100 Pennsylvania Ave. <br />[[Washington, D.C.]]
|coordinates    = {{coord|38.8976|-77.0365|region:US_type:landmark|display=inline}}
|country        = USA
|homepage       =
Note: Line broken for readability.


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