Mickey Mantle Triple Crown Trophy

In baseball, the Triple Crown refers to:
  1. A batter who (at season's end) leads the league in three major categories -- home runs, runs batted in, and batting average.
  2. A pitcher who (at season's end) leads the league in three major categories -- earned run average, wins, and strikeouts.

In the popular imagination, the Triple Crown is often thought of as the epitome of excellence in batting or pitching (even though sabermetric categories claim to be better measures of a player's productivity than the traditional Triple-Crown categories). The batting Triple Crown is the more difficult achievement, and has not been achieved since 1967. Usually, when the "Triple Crown" is referred to without specifying batting or pitching, the batting Triple Crown is meant.

Fast factsEdit


  • Last Triple Crown winner: Carl Yastrzemski, BOS, 1967.
  • Last American League Triple Crown Winner (lead AL in all 3 categories): Carl Yastrzemski, BOS, 1967.
  • Last National League Triple Crown Winner (lead NL in all 3 categories): Joe Medwick, STL-N, 1937.
  • Only Two-Time Winners: Rogers Hornsby, STL-N, 1922, 1925; Ted Williams, BOS-A, 1942, 1947.


  • Last Triple Crown Winner: Johan Santana, MIN, 2006.
  • Last American League Triple Crown Winner (lead AL in all 3 categories): Johan Santana, MIN, 2006.
  • Last National League Triple Crown Winner (lead NL in all 3 categories): Randy Johnson, ARI, 2002.
  • Most Triple Crowns: Grover Cleveland Alexander, 4 (PHI-N, 1915, 1916, 1917; CHI-N, 1920).

Batting Triple Crown winnersEdit

National League winnersEdit

1878Paul HinesProvidence450.358
1894Hugh DuffyBoston18145.440
1922Rogers HornsbySt. Louis42152.401
1925Rogers HornsbySt. Louis39143.403
1933Chuck KleinPhiladelphia28120.368
1937Joe MedwickSt. Louis31154.374

American League winnersEdit

1901Nap LajoiePhiladelphia14125.426
1909Ty CobbDetroit9107.377
1933Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia48163.356
1934Lou GehrigNew York49165.363
1942Ted WilliamsBoston36137.356
1947Ted WilliamsBoston32114.343
1956Mickey MantleNew York52130.353
1966Frank RobinsonBaltimore49122.316
1967Carl YastrzemskiBoston44121.326

American Association winners Edit

1887Tip O'NeillSt. Louis14123.435

Pitching Triple Crown winnersEdit

National League winnersEdit

1877Tommy BondBoston2.1140170
1884Charles RadbournProvidence1.3860441
1888Tim KeefeN.Y. Giants1.7435333
1889John ClarksonBoston2.7349284
1894Amos RusieN.Y. Giants2.7836195
1905Christy MathewsonN.Y. Giants1.2731206
1908Christy MathewsonN.Y. Giants1.4337259
1915Grover AlexanderPhiladelphia1.2231241
1916Grover AlexanderPhiladelphia1.5533167
1917Grover AlexanderPhiladelphia1.8630201
1918Hippo VaughnChicago1.7422148
1920Grover AlexanderChicago1.9127173
1924Dazzy VanceBrooklyn2.1628262
1939Bucky WaltersCincinnati2.2927137
1963Sandy KoufaxLos Angeles1.8825306
1965Sandy KoufaxLos Angeles2.0426382
1966Sandy KoufaxLos Angeles1.7327317
1972Steve CarltonPhiladelphia1.9727310
1985Dwight GoodenN.Y. Mets1.5324268
2002Randy JohnsonArizona2.3224334

American League winnersEdit

1901Cy YoungBoston1.6233158
1905Rube WaddellPhiladelphia1.4826287
1913Walter JohnsonWashington1.0936243
1918Walter JohnsonWashington1.2723162
1924Walter JohnsonWashington2.7223158
1930Lefty GrovePhiladelphia2.5428209
1931Lefty GrovePhiladelphia2.0631175
1934Lefty GómezNew York2.3326158
1937Lefty GómezNew York2.3321194
1945Hal NewhouserDetroit1.8125212
1997Roger ClemensToronto2.0521292
1998Roger ClemensToronto2.6520271
1999Pedro MartínezBoston2.0723313
2006Johan SantanaMinnesota2.7719245

American Association winnersEdit

1884Guy HeckerLouisville Colonels1.8052385

Major League Triple CrownEdit

In general, when one refers to a player as having won a Triple Crown, they mean that the player led his own league in the three categories. A superior but less frequent circumstance is the Major League Triple Crown, wherein which the player leads the entire major leagues in each of the three categories and not just his individual league. Since the birth of the American League in 1901, five hitters and eight pitchers have accomplished this feat, although Walter Johnson, Grover Cleveland Alexander, and Lefty Grove have done it twice for pitching, and Sandy Koufax has done it three times. The most recent Major League Triple Crown Winners were Mickey Mantle in 1956 for hitting, and Johan Santana in 2006 for pitching.

Major League Winners - battingEdit

1909Ty CobbDetroit9107.377
1925Rogers HornsbySt. Louis (NL)39143.403
1934Lou GehrigNew York (AL)49165.363
1942Ted WilliamsBoston (AL)36137.356
1956Mickey MantleNew York (AL)52130.353

Major League Winners - pitchingEdit

1913Walter JohnsonWashington (AL)1.0936243
1915Grover AlexanderPhiladelphia (NL)1.2231241
1917Grover AlexanderPhiladelphia (NL)1.8630201
1918Walter JohnsonWashington (AL)1.2723162
1924Dazzy VanceBrooklyn2.1628262
1930Lefty GrovePhiladelphia (AL)2.5428209
1931Lefty GrovePhiladelphia (AL)2.0631175
1945Hal NewhouserDetroit1.8125212
1963Sandy KoufaxLos Angeles (NL)1.8825306
1965Sandy KoufaxLos Angeles (NL)2.0426382
1966Sandy KoufaxLos Angeles (NL)1.7327317
1985Dwight GoodenNew York (NL)1.5324268
2006Johan SantanaMinnesota2.7719245
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