I can't believe I decided to start working on another wiki. Oh well, I love baseball. And it drives me crazy that on the incredible resource like the web, there is no one place to capture everything about baseball. So here I am, and I am not planning on going anywhere.


I've been a fan of the game my whole life. I mostly follow the Cubs but honestly I watch a little bit of any game. I watched my first game at Dodger stadium back in 1991. Ryne Sandberg scored the game winning run in the thirteenth inning.

Current ProjectsEdit

There is so much to do here that it is kinda overwhelming. I know there is a baseball project on Wikipedia, but we can (and should) do so much more. The game is more than stats and figures. The game is about stories, people, characters and experiences. We should be able to take what has been done for wikipedia and make it better. Jim Acker deserves more than 1 line on 1 page to describe his career.

Baseball has a history told by people. And we should do everything we can to remember the events that have shaped the game.

Call me a visionary.

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