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About me Edit

I was a Chicago Cubs fan as a kid and saw my first MLB game at Wrigley Field, but I was born in Berkeley, CA, so when I returned to the Bay Area, I became a San Francisco Giants fan.

My favorite quotes Edit

  • Me: “The American League is not baseball.”
  • Me: “Waiting for the Designated Fielder, Designated Pitcher and Designated Runner rules to be added and the roster expanded to 5o players. Why get all sweaty?”
  • Mike Mussina: “American League pitchers are at the most risk, because we don’t hit, we don’t run the bases. You get four or five at-bats a year at most, and if you happen to get on base once or twice, you never know. We run in straight lines most of the time. Turning corners, you just don’t do that.”

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