Baseball Wiki

I love baseball ever since that I was a kid. I like the home runs because they are spectacular to watch and they have a lot of power. I have the power to improve the power and quality of this wiki.


This is not the only wiki that I have contributed.

I have been in Monopoly Wiki for hundreds of days, and I still contribute to it because I know this game a lot and that wiki needs a lot of improvements and enhancements to make it on what I envision to be.

Also, I just search for random wikis that I love to see.

My Actions in Baseball Wiki

I will search for random articles.

I know that wikis can be improved by finding misspellings, typos, and other grammatical errors that I may find. When I found one, I will fix it without hesitation. Fixing a simple small thing can actually improve the quality of this wiki.

I know that wikis can be enhanced by the weblinks to the other articles. This will also increase the quality of this wiki.

Current Mission

Currently, I do the 2021 reorganization of the minor leagues and the Top MLB players.

Currently, I do the 2022 MLB season. I do the month, the games, and the individual teams. I will do these things much about every day.

Currently, I do the articles that are related to baseball. Some of these articles include awards, series, time zones, minor leagues, and baseball glossary. I will hold off the 2022 MLB season until March.

I have all the 120 Minor League teams for all 30 MLB teams. I just have to make this one "real complete".

I will also do the top MLB players.

Future Missions

During the MLB offseason (after the World Series has concluded), I will do the terminologies (from, the future schedules, and the 2021 MLB award winners.

Despite the MLB lockout happened in December 2021, I will still do the 2022 articles.