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About Me
My name is Gary, I'm 26 years old (until my next birthday after which I will be a year older) and I live in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, UK. I'm currently engaged to be married and I have a dog called Snoopy.

I am an administrator on The Baseball Wiki with my main areas of expertise being the Chicago White Sox and its history (eg. the Black Sox scandal) and the general history of baseball itself. You can check my activity here.

By trade I am the Managing Director of Agito Media Ltd., I'm also the chairman of disability awareness television company Turning Point Television.


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One of my pet hates is peoples' overuse of the {{fact}} template. It's simply not needed in many cases yet there are some who think that virtually every sentence should be verified. Those found offending will be crushed by an elephant.

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Chicago-white-sox This user is a fan of the Chicago White Sox.
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