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I'm a Baseball Wiki administrator and bureaucrat. I'm a Boston Red Sox fan. On the Wikimedia Foundation projects, I'm an administrator on Simple English Wikipedia and Simple English Wikiquote.

Here at Baseball Wiki

I adopted and became an administrator and bureaucrat here on August 2, 2008. I do most of the technical editing on Baseball Wiki. As an administrator, I manage most of the blocks, protections, and deletions. As a bureaucrat, I do most of the user rights management. I can make other editors administrators, bureaucrats and rollbackers. If you would like to become a rollbacker, you can always ask on my talk page. I only give administrator, and especially bureaucrat permissions to very trusted users, and not just anyone.

Regarding article writing, my main topics and areas I improve are the history and players of the Boston Red Sox, the history of baseball, and baseball in general. I'm best at creating baseball biographies though, and sometimes other things like baseball equipment, uniforms, rules and regulations. I do a lot of copyediting to our articles and revising, since most of our articles are copied from the English Wikipedia. I do my best to make Wikipedia and Baseball Wiki way different, trying to gat Baseball Wiki to be a better resource for information about basball then even Wikipedia has to offer. That is what I foresee in the future of Baseball Wiki. :)

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