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The Virginia Mountain League was a Class D circuit which operated in 1914 and ran as an Independent League in 1915 and 1950 to 1952

1915 - Charlottesville Va, Clfton Forge Va, Covington Va, Stauton/Harrisonburg Va

1916 to 1949    Not sure if this league played

1950 - Buena Vista Va, Clifton Forge Va, Glasgow Va, Hot Springs Va, Lexington Va, Rayon Va,

1951 - Augusta Springs Va, Covington Va, and Vesuvius Va, enter the League and Glasgow has left the league

1952 - Glasgow Va, Roanoke Va and Ronceverte WV enter the league and Augusta Springs, Hot Springs and Vesuvius has left the league

1953 - Harrisburg Va, Staunton Va, Waynesboro Va enter the League and Glasgow, Rayon and Ronceverte

Virginia Mountain (D 1914)

Charlottesville, VA

Clifton Forge, VA

Covington, VA

Staunton/Harrisonburg, VA